Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I am now 20, and I know it.

20? *Sigh

Made up from a friendship :)

What’s up 20? Couldn’t believe my eyes that I turn 20 today. Couldn’t resist mourning over the end of teenage years. Teenage year is over and I really missed its sweetness and juice. I hope I have made the most of it. I am now a year older. 20 is just another number in my life, but I will always stay young, spry, and nimble at heart. Forever 16, to say in the first place.

Ages keep increasing without me realising how fast it slinks by. Today I embark on another phase of my life that I hope I could undergo it well and that is the thing I could pray for. A young adult is now I have become.

What 20 holds for me? Let’s see...Nothing much that I hope for and only a pray to Him to ascend his blessing and guide so that I will not go astray. I pray that I could succeed in everything that I do and plan to do; I pray that He gives me strength to endure this life for many more years to come; I pray hard that He would bellow upon me, my family and my friends his sustenance.  Also, I hope I could edify myself and work hard on it so that I could be a better muslim than before.

Good friends are hard to come by, but when they do, they really rock your world and life.  I guess they already enter my life. You know, with friends, you double and triple the joy. With friends also, you divide and deviate the sorrow. And yeah, you will never walk alone. Thank you is all I give to you guys (Hazwan, Mira, Teha, Faiz, Aiman, Jay, Zaki, Wira, Afif, Faris, Rizal and etc) *hugs n kisses. You guys are just good at getting me into your prank. I fully appreciate what you guys have done. Sorry if I make you guys disbanded your task just for me. Just so sweet!I don't mind drenched with flour and eggs as long as it would please you guys and we all have an immense thrill of fun.

I love to think that 20 gives you the ticket to get married. Ha-ha. But first, I want to love myself and my family before I let my heart and soul giving a space for someone to enter. I just give up giving love recently. Perhaps, real love does not exist now. Maybe, it will appear in the future when I am all ready. I like to think of what happens in the past as another chapter of my life that I have finished written and documented. I just have a future to work on.

Main customer

Thanks to those who blow me with birthday wishes. It has been already twice celebrating birthday away from dearest family and I am proud to have a second family here that I could rely on so much. To be sure, you all have a place in my heart.