Saturday, 28 August 2010

feel kinda of......only god knows how it feels like..

hye, and salam people..
how's it going you people??
fine?? great~!!
ermm, i feel wanna blog in bm this time, but, there always will be something stopping me from doing so.
as you people know, i'm taking TESL, so what are the uses of taking TESL if i'm not put an effort to practice the english language in reality world, oopps, to be more exact, i mean in virtual-reality world.
but then, i'm still a malay, TESL isn't going to change me to Mat Saleh, never and ever,
because i do believe in one thing, once you are malay, you are gonna be malay forever..(cheewah, feel like Hang Tuah you know)
ermm, boredom overwhelmes me..hit me like the clouds in the sky..:(
i'm doing nothing during these 3-days weekend holiday, i mean weekend+nuzul quran..
but, still, there would be nothing interesting that you discover here in perlis, i guess other than, strolling around kayangan square..hahahah..believe me, perlis, yes so harmony and peaceful, though, it's too "up-to-date" state ever..
and no wonder most of my classmate never put of an expectation to get into perlis..lox..
still wondering what to write..ideas please!!
yeah, semester break is just around the corner..(euphoric mood)
cannot wait anymore to be at home..hahhaa..(*homesick*)
but, still, courseworks, courseworks and courseworks cascade from the each academic department waterfall..
so beautiful but, yet too stressful~!!!! urghhhhhhh
my gang and i will try our best to kick them off as fast as possible~!! chaiyook~!!
ermm, stucked for words and ideas, i guess i'll stop here at this moment..
till next time people..wassalam..

p.s. aiyoyoyo..omigosh..i haven't bought baju raya yet, the most vital vitamin for my raya..hahaha..chill, it isn't late yet for eleventh-hours-shopping..lolx..

Thursday, 26 August 2010

hoo-ray~!! yahoo~!!

salam, people..

august, the hectic month ever for me,
assignment come without warning and unstoppable..
chill, it is just an ordinary norm of a higher level learning institution..

okay,unbeknownst to me, hoo-ray,yes indeed i'm gusto~!! there was only 1 more week to go before semester break, in conjunction with hari raya break. guess what?? my heart was yearning and flattering as if i got 4-flat for my gpa!(amin)

i knew that no matter how excited and exasperated i was to go home, still, there were dozens of works had to be settled down before their due as if it mounted up until the an everest out of itself! lolx...;)

pretty much, they never stop me to exhilarate myself for the going-home countdown. it so happened that i was so excited and perhaps too euphoric and keen to go home. :(

aside from going home, there was 1 thing that kept me remembered of home, my loving parents and family..yes, seeing their faces was like a greatest resentment ever to my heart as if it could bring me into an unknown world where only happiness and joyous were there.

ma & abah; you are my soul, my heart and my zest of life. there was no way that could separate us away. not only did i missed them so much, they also longed to see me from eyes-to-eyes.

being at home, was considered nothing less than amazing~!! none of us could tell how was it feel like and intrigued, it could not be resembled by words...

Friday, 20 August 2010

home..home..and home..the only thing that i could think in every moment is home

as i was so tired lately with my study, i could not help but think of going home~!, the safest place that i had ever known. in the back of my mind, i kept thinking of the coziness of my bed, affectionate of my cushion and absolutely my mum's mouth-watering dishes, her cooks were the best ever in the whole-wide world. i am no a homesick-man by any means, but i had to wonder what was the thing that could let off my steams and get off something out and away from my chest..

urghh..forget that one! what in the world was i supposed to be a baby again! but, truth be told, i really missed my parents and certainly my matter what people said, all i wanted to voice out was that i really and indeed missed my home. upon studying here in Perlis, i wandered why did i was being alocated far up to the north of malaysia, was i had done something illegal and over the regulations before?? was i am 'lucky' enough to be stranded and stucked in this lonely hot planet?? i did not know the answer, and perhaps you people knew better than i was.

with a strange combination of imagination plus loneliness, i could feel the essence and sense of comfortableness and tranquility of my home. there, i could imagine and dream that my body was freely laying up on the comfortable puffy fur cushion and sitting all alone in front of the tv in a living room and watching a not too big tv of it without being bounded to any rules and throatly-strict rules. by this time, i was more than comfortable and truly feeling as if i could feel an immense thrill of serenity was flowing through my vein. during this time, i began to wonder of going home, the safest and 100% placid fortress that i ever built and belonged to. wake up, man!! dream is only a dream..the cloud of dream hit me again, that was not the least bit of missing home,every night and perhaps every moment, mind and thought would linger around to think of going home and pray that i will always be at home..

Monday, 16 August 2010

it was not cool to be the centre of family's attraction, and i was drank in the attention. i got teased a lot by the rest of family, but i do loved their teasing as it will make our bong got stronger and stronger. though, as the youngest member of the family, i got many hugs and kisses from my loving parents,(mom,dad i love u so much, thank you very much for taking me all this while, and you're the best parents ever~!!).
okay, forget that one! hey, i am now a future teacher, or to be more exact, taking tesl as my future~!! haha..never thought of it..:)
so here we are, i am now hundreds or maybe thousands miles(as i reckon the most in math,haha) from family, i need, must and indeed have to be strong. this post, i would love to tell you people, who i am really is. (sounds as if i were the most wanted person by cia or perhaps fbi..nauzubillah). so, let's make easy, i am arsyad, were born on 20th of march, year was kept unveiled as if i don't want you people say, " hey, i thought you were form 3 students~!". seriously be told, i really 'like' to be called so. hahaha..though, guess what?? i am not kuala terengganuan, and instead i am coming all the way from besut, the land of joyous and glory.(really missed this land)
let us see, here begin my story, as a pisces-star person, i am so thankful to god for being blessed with concerned, loving parents and completed with benevolent, devoted brothers and sister. over the years, we share so much, especially zest of life,. their desires to share their knowledge with me, to challenge me and to teach me never ceased. while, they are seemingly having a crystal ball on their hands and will often making sure that i were cheered up when i am in gloom.
truth be told, we are never get apart over the past seventeen years. from the moment i were born, they have been the bigger one, the stronger one, the one most likely to take brunt out of a conflict anf shield from pain.
oraitt..spaking about tesl,in tesl or its sur name teaching english as a second language, i found my second soul, the soul that full of energy that is believed could take me to where my dream stars go. so, conclusion, hehehe..tesl: my aim, target, goal, passion, soul, energy and maybe my blood too. hahaha
sure enough, being accepted into IPG in the TESL course i like a dream comes trueas if a girl was given a box full of diamonds from girl..(it's eerily wierd if girls don't really like those thing as they are supposed and naturally materialistic, hehe) journey to the moon like the astronaut has just BEGUN~!!