Thursday, 16 August 2012

Raya 2012

Long time no post.

You see, Raya is just around the corner. Ramadan is driving upon us so fast. It is leaving us so quickly. So, what have you gained from the month of Ramadan? Whatever that you have attained, it must be good for you.

The sweetness of Ramadan will be missed dearly. Raya is coming afterward. Everyone must be busy with the preparation-buying new clothes, baking cookies, or decorating house. A normal scene during Raya exodus-the roads are jammed (bumper-to-bumper indeed), tickets are sold out and many more. These are among the scenes or dramas that make “balik kampong” enjoyable and worth the wait.

Salam Lebaran dari Perth.

However, what does Raya mean to you?

For me, Raya means the family member get to be together. Everyone is coming home. Nothing is more enjoyable than being at home. Eat together. Laugh at silly jokes. Clean the house. Cook together. Mom’s cooks. Giggles of nephews and nieces. Get everyone update with your life. The list goes on anyway.

So, let this Raya be the most memorable moment that you are going to cherish forever.

Salam Eidulfitri and Maaf Zahir and Batin.