Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Everyone is looking for love, wealth, happiness, fame, mates and the list goes on and on like there would be no definite end to it. But the blessed ones are so preoccupied doing the opposite...searching for His blessing, begging for His mercy and forgiveness, asking for enlightenment and guidance, uplifting ones' ibadah, preparing oneself for akhirat and death...only then to come to the realization that everything around is insignificant if it did not lead to His path, and only to have sheer and ultimate happiness rolled in. 

Ya our way...ease our way...Aminn


Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Worldly things are tempting, titillating...anchoring us down the darkest valley of lies and deceit. We drown...we suffocate...we asphyxiate to death. Nothing there makes us feel any better or close to Him. Everything is nothing but mere lies...faked by human for fools. But why do we keep tripping and tumbling? Strangled and struggle to find the escape path. Why are we too snob to acknowledge that lies lie right before our eyes and let them blur and blind our vision? Why are we so complacent with the things we have when in fact not a single soul and thing will last forever? Why are we so vulnerable to the worldly threats that we let them evade our souls...and indoctrinate our minds...thus drag us away from Him? Why do we feel so comfortable doing sins and still be so proud to walk on this earth made by Him? What does it take to really get over worldly temptations so that whatever we do is what He asks us to do? Think. Reflect.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


"Everyone has different ways to love. Just because it isn't what you want and expect, doesn't mean they don't really love you."

So true

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Silver lining. 

As Salam
Alhamdulillah…could never be thankful enough…I survive and certainly am. Killing 4 papers in 3 days, back to back…does sound so cumbersome to be maneuvered…seem legit…and a lot of work, huh? Certainly is. What's done is done. Not that I expect any mental breakdown or brain freeze in the past few days because I really need my brain at its best. Shoot...this week couldn’t be anymore hectic. I have had enough drama, not to mention there are times when sudden emotional lapse and inertia swing by to think of the things I could have done right in the examination…drain my motivation. Brain strenuously works to an extreme. And now is the time to put it at rest for a few moments. The exam is not better nor worse...just hope and pray for the best. This is yet not an end. I can’t possibly wait for the last paper on the next Monday, Moral Education and then…heading home! Holiday mode turns on right after…it seems to be that the mood comes early this semester or am I just being the one and only person who is already in the kind of mood? *wondering

All the very best. 


Saturday, 11 May 2013


As Salam

I don't think any of us has to wait a particular day to make you feel special about make you feel make you feel thank you for everything you have done until pray to Allah that you are always in good health and far from any tell you how much we love you and no one else has to see it as long as we have each other. There is a strong intangible bond that binds us together no matter what. Every day is your day. Without is incomplete. You're the teacher of our lifetime. You teach us right from wrong and we are going to be strong.

You're the one for me after Allah s.w.t




As Salam

Drowning in the sea of notes and books for weeks. They are all over the places. I am in a mess and almost asphyxiated to death (pun intended). Brain freezes to the extent it swallows more than it can chew. Too much to be revised, yet too little time to study or should I put it in this way that I procrastinate a lot. Regretting all the wasted time spending on useless things during the whole semester when in fact I should get my study on. Been having and savoring much leeway time all this while and now a surge of guilt hits me and not to mention, stress runs through my veins strenuously. Typical student.

Enough lamenting. Doesn't take me anywhere if I keep sighing and whining. Couldn't help it but admit that...A moment of realization only comes at the very last minute of time. Yet it's better late than never. There is always a shine of hope in every bad ordeal. Keep trying, it is. Double the effort and set the right intention, "Belajar kerana Allah s.w.t". In sha Allah...all the hardwork will be paid off one fine day. It's not a waste. Be sure that we only get whet we give. Chill. 


Wishing all of my batchmates...all the very best, beat the rest. Man Jadda Wajada. Keep on fighting until the last drop of blood, tears and sweat. This is our war and we were born to do this thing.   


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Full Bloom


Just 2 curious kiddos

The tree is at his best at this time of the year. Astonished at how a tree can make a huge difference to the landscape it beholds that used to be so dull and sombre. Nothing feels better than to be served with such a magnificent view bellowed upon us by Allah s.w.t every time I walk out of my residence hall to anywhere in the campus...and watching its petals slowly dropping down onto the ground rekindles a surge of serenity and calmness to the heart and mind. Embracing its beauty before the season is gone for good...and we are yet to know whether we would still stand a chance to see its full bloom again the next time around. The future is still in uncertainty so appreciate the present day (say Alhamdulillah) before it becomes a past, because past is past and no one can turn around the clock. No one. 

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Courtesy of Tumblr

As Salam

There have been many people walking past in my life...and some could have easily been seen and traced...especially those who make their presence felt...those who leave their footprint all through the trail...those who break me into pieces...and those who take me out of the dark and bring me to the light. And  they are whom I called friends.

And there are these people who really make their appearance impacted my whole life the most and redefines my trueself. Alhamdulillah...I could never thank You enough for bringing those precious gift of friends into my life for that they help me awake from a long me to jerk back into me what life is all about, submitting oneself to You. When my life is nothing but an endless joke and narcissism, they rescue when I am downward the spiral of shame where nothing there makes me feel any better...witness and scaffold me recollecting scattered pieces of faith to rebuild a solid foundation upon the one and only religion I believe in, Islam.

Ya Allah...shower upon them (all of my friends, wherever you are) your grace, blessing and all the happiness in this world and hereafter. May you grant them Jannah for their good deeds and kindness. Aminn. Ukhwah Fillah Abadan Abada