Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Orange Team

A basket of juicy oranges
That is who we are
Young, nimble and spry
We look so orange, don't we?

BIG Third Phase
Community Service
Feb, 23rd 2013
Kg. Permatang Batu, Permatang Pauh, Pulau Pinang

Wherever we go, we roar!
Cherish always.xoxo

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

CNY Break

Long days, no post. Yeap...pretty caught up with holidays. Trying my very best to escape from surreal world of internet to find the real peace and serenity. I think I can just manage without internet. Life must go on anyway. 

With tons of assignment coming in, I'm flipping fatigue and famished, enervating and draining my spirit and zest. Too many works to be done, too little time to spare. Assignments and tasks, as always are the pains in the arse. Like it or can't avoid as a student...but you just need to let it ride. 

Few more days to go before I'm back to my normal life. Going to gallop myself away to the tick of time just to ensure that I have enough rest this break. Anyway...someone has sparked fireworks and confetti deep in my heart. Just another feeling dropping by, I guess. *not by any means we have moved on to the next stage...don't even know her name, what more her phone number. Just know who her mom is and where she lives. Pathetic much? Ha-ha


Wednesday, 6 February 2013



what I can say...he have said enough.

Dear friends, 

I can't really recall how we first met. But I can vouch that magic sprouts and wonders happen from the very beginning of us. Every moment we have had is a snow in a cup, blissful and splendid. And I would cherish every thing we have shared forever for that good memories are hard to come by.

Yesterday, we laughed at the little things happened around us. We blinked. Little did we know we are now 20 going on 21. OK, enough with the blinking. HA-ha. Time saunters by quickly without having waited for us to really understand the intangible bond we have made, and to accept the meaning of leaving and parting away. Now that we have grown up a bit, I think we are able to comprehend why we are taking different roads and why we have to let go.

We have witnessed to each other, watching each and everyone of us growing up, from shorter to taller, from smaller to bigger, from black to white and etc. To note, we have undergone countless ups and downs, thin and thick together during our formative years and even now. Whatever the predicament is, the most important thing we learn is to stay together.

You guys may be the weirdest people I have ever met. You guys may be the sweetest people I have ever met. You guys may be the most retarded people I have ever met, in a good way, really. You guys may be the funniest people I have ever met...and the list just goes on. There are times I would kill you for what you do, but I would kill for you every time. (Had they known this, I'm a dead meat)

I don't how to end this, partly because there would be no end to us.  

May Allah guide you always, amiin.

*when you say you miss me, i miss you more.xoxo