Friday, 19 July 2013


This is one of those moments in life I'm going to treasure the most. 2 more years to go. It isn't that long as it sounds. Hence, let's cherish what we have now before everyone takes their own step into the world. 

Class iftar. The bros. Credit to Hafiy for the pic. =)

Saturday, 13 July 2013


The name as it suggests, a journey of a person with a huge potential in life bestowed upon him by Allah that are yet to be unfurled.

The one that will never take a day off from seeking Allah's blessing, mercy and forgiveness to lead the way to Jannah.

The one that will and  always encounter many challenges that the world has to offer that seems ridiculous at times and some of it does cause him to stumble and fall.

The one that will continue his way, peacefully, calmly, and full of confidence and faith.

The one that is willing to accept defeat and failure in order to learn and gain experience in life, with a big goal that is to grow stronger day by day and get closer to Allah. 

The one that love to be taken away by good books and a long walk on the beach and a stroll in the park on a sunny day, to enjoy Allah's creations.

The one that embraces his shortcomings for they define him as much as his talent.

For I, will continue my voyage with the strong will, infinite determination, strength, and courage of a Mujahideen.

Bon Voyage

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Yeah, you're right after all. This might be the crappy blog that I can write nonsensical things in my pajamas. I know. Nothing here is worth to be read. Nothing here is worth to be shared. Nothing here is worth to be enjoyed. Yet everything here is a memory worth to be cherished. It is the only thing that I could count on to remind me how much have I gone through over the years - the smiles, the giggles, the pain, the tears...

But it's okay. I like writing and documenting my every thoughts here because it gives me a surge of relief to be able to let it out loud. You know, it takes real courage to immortalize every single details into words. This is they way I roll. I'm gonna keep my fingers dancing on the keyboard and nothing could stop me from verbalizing every thoughts that fleet through my mind, not even you.  

Have faith in people and embrace their uniqueness. Surely you will be surprised. :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ramadhan 1434H

As Salam

Believe it or not...Ramadhan is here, bidding us hello. Alhamdulillah for He has bestowed upon us the chance to savour another Ramadhan in our lives. Make the most of this Ramadhan to the fullest like it is our last for such a colossal waste if we let this golden and once-a-year opportunity slip through fingers.

Envy at those who have finally found their turning points. What about us? Are we there yet? Will Ramadhan change us and eradicate the other side of us that we abhor most...the side which always sees bad in other people? Seize this moment and make a move that turns us a better person, in sha Allah.

May Allah's blessings be with us ahead. :D

Wednesday, 3 July 2013



On how to reach the dream
We mustn't give it up
Hard though it may seem

Persistence is the key 
Never let it make us queasy
Sometimes we all have things to do 
that are not fun or easy

Yes! I can do it
Try harder every day

There are sacrifices to be salvaged,
it called for working rough
But there is lots of fun along the way
which help when things get rough 

#Persistence="i can do it" thought + giving effort + working tough 

Monday, 1 July 2013


Definitely a bit chilly this morning. Isn't it great that it is raining today? Hope it continues to rain throughout the week so we will have a beautiful, fresh and cool world to wake up to every morning. Weee...