Thursday, 30 June 2011

Riddles about me

Whenever you see me walk alone, be sure that I need time to churn and chew what I have had and endured at the moment.

Whenever you see me laugh at the high pitch and make stupid jokes, be sure that I was at the deepest sorrow of my heart could reach to.

Whenever you see me sleep a lot, be sure that I was alone and needed someone to talk to.

Whenever you see me eat a lot like could eat a horse, be sure that I was under pressure.

Whenever you see me sit alone at an adjacent and isolated corner, be sure that I was stressed with my study.

Whenever you see me talk to myself like a crazy people, be sure that I was trying to make myself believe of what I called my subconscious belief.

Whenever you see me jump up and down like a kangaroo, be sure that I wanted freedom and yes, I needed a freedom.

Zharif, when shall we meet again, huh? Miss you like a darn!

Whenever you hear me talk about home, be sure that I was homesick that I yearned my parents, my family and my house.

Whenever you listen to my stupid ramblings, be sure that I was trying to release my stress.




I am who I am... I am perfectly imperfect, I concede it...

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Getting married, I kid you not.

First situation: There's a couple, both of them are students who vow to get married once they graduate.

Second situation: There's a couple, both of them are also students who promise to get married once they finish their masters.

Which one do you belong to? First? Or second?

Play safe. Love after marriage is eternal. God wills.

It doesn't matter which situation you belong to, you are in and you want to be in as far as you know what you want in your life. The main crux is both of the situations lead to the same goal which is MARRIAGE. Don't you think Marriage is a good thing? Yes, it does, but I sound agree to what it may connote? Let's see as we move on.

I view these situations as different style of thinking about relationships. It is a fact that different people, different heads and different way of thinking. Here, both of them are neither at the losing end nor blaming end. Let's not blame them for what they perceive and foresee about their relationship. We should be proud of them for that they put marriage as their final destination to legalise a relationship.

I value this relationship in a different time constraint or to be exact, different time frame. I admit the fact that it is good to get married at the age of 23-24 which means you walk down the aisle after finishing your degree. But, the predicament is so many people put their love over their studies. They get easy on the love-drunk ride. Along the course of their studies, they should be able to recognise which one should come first either love or studies that should be their priorities. I may be sounded bias or unfair, yet this is what we should do.

I will not blame them for their ignorance as they do not have the right guidance and they do not receive proper guidance as there is no one is to responsible to show them the true way of what they should do and should not do. You may say that they are matured enough to think on their own of what is right and what is wrong. Well then you are so not right and so wrong! Come on, teenagers are teenagers, they are overwhelmed by the youthful vigour that causes them to try something new and of all they think is about to have fun. Thus, I beg to differ this time to say that they need to be reminded at times of what they should do and what their responsibilities are to their parents, their families, their country and themselves. And mind you, there are lot of responsibilities will be hooked on their shoulders.

At times, their youthful vigour exceeds their conscience adrenaline that affects their action to be wild and to act beyond normal. It is a nature of youngsters to say the least to evoke over what they think is not good for them and to seek for freedom that they do not know the freedom they want leads them to destruction. Here comes the function of family support and religion support that can prevent them from destructing their lives and futures.

Hold on, having a scroll of degree is not guarantee for you to get a job in today's world. The competition is super competitive that you must have an exceptional result and extra recommendation and traits to attain a job. My point is, getting a good job is very important that it will be your source of finance. You have got to understand that everything is about money these days. No money, no talk! Let's say if you don't have a good and fine job even if you have a degree, what are you going to feed your family if all the prices of food keep increasing and the cost of living keep mounting up even if to pee, you have got to pay. Think big, everyone! Since nowadays world is quite merciless and ruthless, I think I would agree with the second notion saying to get married after finishing masters. Let's think, when you have masters, it will uplift your knowledge and your position in a society as well, as an effect, it will increase your salary that you may be lead a fine life with your beloved family. And for the bachelor out there, listen to my advice, when you have masters, your SAHAM will directly incline thus you will be the liking for the hottest-single-gal's parents to be matched with their daughter. Just saying and kidding! No offence!

Plus point, it is not something weird to get married at the age of 26+ instead of getting married at the age of 20+ or even 17+. It is not quite applicable nowadays. In the ancient and old skool times, it may seem good as women are perceived to be full-time housewife and all they know is to do house-chores, and they will be stamped as spinsters when they get married late, yet, as today is modern time, everybody is equipped with knowledge that enables them to be what they want to be and to chase their dreams, always career before marriage. This is your life, and you must live it as what you like it to be. Your future is in your hands. So, would you like to be labelled as cheeky when you thought getting married at the early age is good? Ask yourself.

Whatever it is, it all depends on what is stated above and what you think you can do. We can only pray and which, yet HE determines all and HE knows what is sustenanced for us. HE knows all. And yeah, why do we make it a big fuss and deal for youngsters to get married at early age? If they know their responsibility and they are fully prepared physically and soulfully, with the right niat, I guess they deserve to get married and they must get married as it is an IBADAH. It's their right after all. Marriage is about once in a lifetime and finding the right person, when you have found the right person, don't waste your time, get hooked on him/her, when the setting is right and when the right time has come, so be it!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, 24 June 2011

No Time To be Wasted.

As I am now in semester  3, it makes me realized of how time moved faster than you walked and most of the time I procrastinate a lot, I concede it. I do realize that I didn't do much in semester 1 and 2 which I have to buck up with the most to excel in Final Exam. I could not help myself but to give my full attention, concentration and focus to my study-the only road that leads me to the dreams I dream of.

One and a half year seems to be a very long period at the first sight, but as for me, it is just a short time when you think as if yesterday you were registering here at campus, and tomorrow you would be dealing with final exam-the final judgment. Semester 3 is very pivotal not only for me, but also for the rest of my fellow TESLians. This semester will be an important point to determine whether we are good enough to move or shift into freshman year of first degree level which is B.Ed Teaching English as a Second Language. I hope I would be able to step my feet into the field that I have mentioned previously. God wills.

My Family. They are the reasons why I am here and why I should do my very best, their love, support and care are things that keep me going and alive in every single little strand of my virtue of success.

Hold on, have I mentioned to you that I am just at the beginning of semester 3? No, I haven't. My bad, my fault, I admit it. Aftermath, I have 4 months to go to get myself prepared for the final exam. Yet, I have studied none which makes me cold feet day by day thinking of how I am going to perform well if I keep myself in the same attitude. Poor me, what a lazy dork I am. TESL is not an easy major nor as easy as ABC to break through, is it? Yes, it is. To make things more worst and mediocre, we aren't native speakers of English which English is just at your fingertips, thus I now know we have to double and triple our effort to sound similar like  one or at least to have a good acquisition of language.

What should I do then to be as good as the rest? Hitting the book is not the only way to succeed in TESL. Although I have to admit the fact that reading books will help you a lot with the mechanics of language, but to really succeed, you have got to look into small, tiny-weeny, and microscopic thing that may harm your virtue towards your dream. As for me, I should avoid any conflict that can distract and disturb my study. The solution is to be amiable with everybody that people will not have revenge on you and to think positively over things that had happened and will happen. There are reasons for everything that happens. When you think positively, your mind will be at peace and not be possessed by evil action of devil that may turn you into lucifer with human face. Well said, make yourself busy with works so that you will not be devastated by others and enjoy every single little time that you participate in. 

Of course I am not going to let it slips through my fingers and take this thing for granted. This is what I want and I must get it. By hook or by crook, I must try and work harder as if there's no tomorrow. Let's hit the book everyone! 

Have a Lovely Weekend! :)

p/s:in the name of testing you..I intentionally said so and yeah..You prove me wrong of what I thought of you..sorry!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

It rains. Yes, it is raining.

No wonder, the sky looks gloomy and cloudy that it seems like having a painful feeling inside of its heart and undergoing a hard time these days. Later, I found that drops of water fall onto the ground. That is how natures work. There will be time when sun shines too brightly, and also there will be time when it rains overwroughtly.For human, rain is just a plain water which does not mean anything and consider nothing. BUt for the plant, rain means everything.

It stops the drought that has taken place before long. It thwarts the plant from wilting and the most important, prevents stunted growth. Rain gives water, and water will be used by plant to carry out transpiration process. Plants also use water in photosynthesis process. See how important the water is for the plant to survive. Water is its basic needs. Without enough basic needs, they will start to wilt and slowly, die. 

In return, what for are the plant doing so? What are its motive? Why does the water can do to help the plant? Who will get the benefit from? Why? And why? Have you ever wondered of this? The plant carries out transpiration using water to balance the air humdity, so that the weather will be not extremely hot for human. Plants photosynthesise using water, so that they can release oxygen for human to breath. Plants catch the water, so that people will not face water shortage problem.

See how enormous and gargantuan the function of plant is in our life as human. Human cannot survive without water for three days, can we? So, why do we waste the water? What have we done for the plant? Only disaster by disaster occur that are caused by human touch.   

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

When everybody talks about exam result...

Hi we meet again after such a long time haven't I posted something on my blog, have I?

Yeah, I have and I admit the fact that I miss my blog so much! You may be wondering what have I been doing? And where have I been? Actually, I was on my semester break, due to the lack of interest to ramble something causes me to abandon my blog for quite some time, yes some times.

Enough with that, let's move on! Guess what, the last semester result has come out...again, nervousness fills the air as if I can see them through the naked eyes, their particles are gliding about each other. I aggrandize too much, don't I? But, the result has got nothing to do with me. Nothing. Then, why I should be afraid of? Isn't that cool to have not sat for exam? Isn't that blissful to have not faced the sudden surprise that may turn you down the next day? 

I'm playing too much with my feeling. The feeling of comfort has carried me away for two semesters and I have the solid and concrete reason why I should be afraid of seeing others' result. I only have this final semester to show what I have. This semester will be the grand finale of my foundation years. I have to proof that I am capable and strong enough to embark on a new step into B.Ed TESL. 

My point is, to not have examination in the first and second semester has its own pros and cons. The skills that I have attained are not yet be tested and how am I going to know my progress? What can I do to improve my study? What should I do next? I am clueless as I don't have any key and blueprint that I can refer to check how well I have done.

For some people, the success in examination is everything for them. And so goes to me. I know I have to be serious now and for all to realise the dream I have been dreaming. Whatever it is, I have got to believe in my power and true self that I can be as good as the rest. Hard Work, Pray and a little help of luck will do.  

Thursday, 2 June 2011


 "a tremendous mistake in every possible regard." "I really don't know what I was thinking—we're a terrible match, I don't love her and never have, and, to be honest, I never really had any interest in being married in the first place,"

What say you about this? 

"People thought our wedding was some sort of fairy tale, but I assure you it was all just some ghastly ceremonial farce that got out of hand. I'm just relieved it's over, frankly. And I'm glad I'll never have to see that awful woman again."

That doesn't make sense...Complete fragile!

I love TESL (C2,C3)

Do you know why I love the most about TESL? Obviously, we don't have examination like others do in the first and second semester of our foundation years. Yippee. It means I don't have to force and trouble myself to hit the book for the exam. Wouldn't that great? Yes...It would. Though, the biggest fear I could not avoid is the final exam in the third ends all the joys and turns us into misery...or only me the one who feels so? Nay! Whatever it is not about the exam that I want to talk, much to what I have undergone and endured throughout these two semesters of foundation years.

First semester.

We had Social Studies exhibition
We went to Pulau Payar, Langkawi for our GERKO assignment.

Second semester.

We had English Language Camp.
We went to school for English-Fun-Day
We watched Teacher's Debate Match
We had Macbeth Dramatisation.
We participated in Hockey Match.