Sunday, 6 April 2014

colourful days ahead

credit to Visit Perlis
credit to Visit Perlis
credit to Visit Perlis

Seoul? Osaka? Sydney? Put that thought away. This is just in Perlis and is occurring now. "Spring" is in the air anywhere in here!

Not a long time ago did we experience the coldest weather in the history of Perlis and after that, preceded by the drought which causes some outrage of water shortage. But now, seems to be that all the tress and flowers are blossoming at their best, frolicking in the breeze all day. SubhanAllah, very colourful and beautiful. You just know the season is finally coming when it drizzles early in the morning. What a bliss! :)

*be thankful and enjoy this little gift from Him while it lasts before it is gone for good because we may not know if we were still given another chance to see this beauty next year. 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

SK Padang Keria, Sanglang

Every now and then, I do try finding some times to write or scribble something not over here, at the very least. Now that I have just started my very first school practicum, I just get busier with tons of works and commitment. A busy bee, indeed. Ain't nobody got time to fool around.

First practicum

A week has passed. I like doing whatever I do now though sometimes it gives me a headache and a mess. Yet, it doesn't turn my exuberance to vapour. I am teaching year 4 English despite of my inadequacy in this so-called global language, which makes me think they deserve someone better than me in this business. 

Thus far, they are behaving so well, even the most mischievous in the class is in control. Kids, just bear with me, my attitude, my madness, and my weaknesses for another 3 weeks to go. And on my part, I will try my very best with my own writ and grit to make every lesson interesting and engaging as I need that extra edge for my marks too. Tehee...

Till then, have a good day!