Monday, 28 March 2011

"PUPPETRY" does really like one...

*This post is the continuity of the previous post.

Thought that I was going to celebrate my birthday this year all alone and on my own since it fell on the day I went back to college, but eventually I was so damn wrong. You should know that when you received no response from any of your best friend after you sent them messages and called them, there's must be something wrong. But much to my gullibility, I didn't manage to suspect anything and it turned out to be something that I would never forget through out my college years!

Just so you know, I was a nerd type in which I would anything for the sake of my studies. And since then, my best friend, Hazwan told me that there will be a puppetry meeting for our Language Camp. I spotted nothing, and unhesitately, I just followed what he was saying. So, we moved our way to the open hall, and I failed to figure it out why the hall is in black-pitch-night, and there's no sign of human and lights at all. Hazwan told me that we were the first to arrive and it took me to relieve and I was so wrong. It was actually...THE PRANK.

*So let the pic narrates the whole story...have a fine viewing!
This me...the birthday boy!

Nana...she's just so excited!

The prankers...hahaha...they really do!

there's no birthday without cake, isn't?

Me and scandal..I just love the looks me matured..or maybe she's the one who makes me look matured. 

the cleaners...

PRESENT! MUAH mu cha chas voila!
In short! Hazwan, Aiman(even thoug you're late), Jannah, Nash, Nana, Mun, Teha, Shakey and Mira Comey...thanks for everything that you all have done...It was so sweet and awesome! You guys are the reason why I am proud to be here and stand on my foot. You guys are the best helper ever! YOU + ME = FOREVER FRIENDS!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Birthday Lullaby!


Like a bird swifts in the air...I'm now turning 19th years old today.

For the first time ever in my life...I celebrate my special day alone...lonely without my family by my side...lonely without my beasties wowing here and there(prank). So, I guess it would be different from now on. I have to learn to do things on my walk on my own feet..and to be proud with my own work.

19 years...quite a number, isn't? And it does mean everything.

19 years have I been living on the earth...19 years have I been breathing the oxygen...19 years have I been seeing the world through my eyes...and 19 years have I been given a chance to live...So...the question now is that...what have I done for myself so far? 

Nay...not much that I can say...It does not even embark on a new history of human civilisation...but...It's enough to make myself feel contented and exasperated...I like the way I run my I was born this way baby! I love and adore what I am doing throughout my life so far...though I have to admit that there's a time when everything seem wrong and not go on in the way that I hope..but..this is life...I learn a lot from that and thinking positively is the only answer. 

Still...I have dreams that I fail to get them into real...But, mind you...I will never stop trying the moment I dream of that until I get them one day in the future..No matter how hard they are...I will always put my feet on the pedal, and  step on the that I know...the dreams that I dream aren't empty clouds; perpetual dream; or even an that I will realise one day...Hey..arsyad! Those dreams are reachable.

Bye-bye 18 years old and I would say hello to 19 years...hope that from now on my life would be more merrier
Hope that I would gain victory in whatever battle that I in
Hope that I would always be living under his blessing, to lead for a better life
Hope that I would be a better Ummah from day to day
Hope that I would succeed in everything that I do
Hope that all my dreams and ambition will come true even though it takes time to come into real

Thanks for the wishes everyone...either on Facebook or Handphone...that's so sweet! May your days will be fulled of joys and merry!