Sunday, 28 April 2013

Queen of My Heart

Every time I go home for a break or holiday...the first thing I will do is to kiss her hands, her booth cheeks, and her forehead, and the grand finale is to hug her tight. In a washes away all the worries and anxieties I have. What a bliss! And today is the special day of my first lady. The queen of my heart, my mum.

I know since I left home for college, we rarely talk like we used to and I regret it. Even though we are miles away from each other...i'll always make sure that you and dad are always in my prayer forever. You own my heart beside Allah s.w.t 

Nothing much to say because words can't really describe how much grateful I am to have such a great mum like you. You have done such a good job all these years. You did well in growing us up and I can never thank you enough. Love you till bits. 

May Allah bellow upon you good health, many more grandchildren, sustenance and wonderful life ahead. Aminn. :'D

My Mum
My pillar of strength
My beacon of hope
My superwoman
My forever teacher
My motivator
My bestfriend
My girlfriend
My gossip partner
My shopping partner
Superfluous to say
You're my everything

My forever love :D

Saturday, 27 April 2013


A bumpy road can lead to a spectacular beach. The going may just get tough, challenging even. Yet the tougher the journey is, the better you are, and the sweeter the ending is. No one gets to a destination by playing safe because this is life and life is so full of obstructions.

The road not taken.

As long as you believe in yourself and Allah as your were born to do this thing and kill it. 


Friday, 26 April 2013

Not Knowing

Sometimes curiosity kills the cat.

Not knowing isn’t a problem. Not asking is. Why we no ask when we have doubts in almost everything?

Fear that all eyes are onto you like you are piercing something not on your face? Screw them all. Fear that everyone would label you stupid that you rather settle being nothing and sitting there quietly in a corner…keep the questions to yourself…keep them lingering and mingling in the back of your mind…let them remain unanswered and unsolved…gain nothing but piling up doubts after another like setting up Jenga. Worst is staying stuck forever. Come has got to learn to move from that fear and stereotype. When you asked, be it simple or difficult question, you are actually helping those who don’t have the gut to face their limitation. Your action is a good deed, in fact. Don’t you want to get rewards (pahala) in the easiest way forever? The wind of change starts with you. Think about it…deep in thought.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


I almost skate by the month of April barely writing a post. Disappearance from the blogsphere is an option to iron out few things that waltz in my life. And now I am back in harness and ready to shower and crowd this blog of mine with my eccentric train of thoughts, love, and jokes that no one understands better than me.

Yeah…be warned that I blog crap sometimes. But it is the nonsensical things that make me remember what is important and what is worth fighting for. And just think…there will be times when you are grateful for every adversity and stillness happening to you because it makes you stronger than you ever thought you were. Never dwell, fight back.