Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bandung Trip Intro

Look where the wind blew me to...Bandung, Indonesia.

This one city has been synonymous to many Malaysian who come here to shop and just shop. Anything here is cheap, I mean dirt cheap and within affordable price range. Just name it and you will get it. It all started a year ago after we returned from Kota Kinabalu trip. We figured it out it was going to be super exciting if we tried something new like venturing a foreign country. Without a second thought, the year after, once we had our stipend deposited to our bank accounts, we put our money where our mouths are and give it a shot. After a year waiting,  so here I am recounting what we have been through in the last week in Bandung, Indonesia which was unforgettable. 

It was my first time ever flying with Air Asia...nothing much to expect since I'd been hearing a lot from the naysayers about their service, but prior to our departure to Bandung, few hours before we went to the airport, I received a message stating our flight had been rescheduled to an early time.Well, this day couldn't be any better, deep down in my heart, I wanted to be there as soon as possible. However, as we had settled ourselves at the boarding gate and all ready to fly, we were saddened by the news that our flight had been delayed to a later time. Surely it killed my mood a bit, but alas, I was still excited as ever. We found out that the weather was to be blamed and no one in this world had the privilege to fight the mother nature. 

After waiting sometimes for further notice, we noticed that there had been a long queue at our gate as if people were getting ready to embark into the plane. Driven by our curiosity, we went there and ask few people. To our surprise, our flight was ready for boarding. We dashed to the place where we put our luggage and got into the line. Such a long line, Malaysians were super rich for being able to go on a holiday abroad, I could say. We were all to be blamed for having too much fun talking and chatting away without realizing the latest announcement made about our flight. At 3.55, the plane was being pushed back to the stipulated runway. 
And after that, all I know was that the sight of Malaysia slowly lost in the heaps of clouds as the plane lumbered through the sky. You knew the feeling of flying abroad for the very first time. it was mixed-up, excited and anxious were all the same time (I used to go to Thailand on yearly basis to my grandparents' house in Yala, Southern Thailand, but when I was 9 years old, we stopped going back after the derogatory unrest evoked, how I reminisced those times of riding a train from Sg. Golok to Yala). After 2 hours, we safely landed at Hussein Sastranegara International Aiport, Bandung. It had been a pleasant flight with the cabin crew on board couldn't be anymore helpful and amiable to cater our needs, kudos to those people entertaining us that day proving that some of the naysayers were flat out wrong. Like all day during this monsoon season, it drizzled throughout, with minimal share of intermittent sunshine upon touching down in Bandung. Couple that to the fact that Bandung is on highlands which made the weather way chillier than Kuala Lumpur. One of the few places in the Asean region had me wearing jacket or cardigan during the day, how cool was that! Custom clearance had been a breeze. Soon after that, we took taxis to our reserved accomodation, Patradisa Hotel. And the journey had just begun...

Among the first to arrive at the airport.

Bandung Airport. Very Small with limited spaces. I kid you not.

All set to discover this place!

Friday, 29 November 2013

2013 Retreat

"Once a year, go to a place you have never been before"

Yes, it definitely is resounding titillating. 

Flying is addictive and on top of that, we will do whatever it takes including cutting costs here and there using meager stipend we receive in every semester to ensure we would go on a trip to somewhere by the end of every study term. 

So earlier in this year, a major sacrifice we had made. We gleaned some real courage to burn some holes in our pockets just to satisfy our insatiable wanderlust and to quench the thirst of our inquisitive curiosity about the sights and stories of a place and the people living in it. 

We really need this escapade to let off the steams as we have been working ourselves to the bone throughout the semesters. It is worthy to give oneself a treat sometimes after a year of crazy-roller-coaster-ride. The date is now just around the corner. Excitement and gratitude fills my heart after a year-long waiting. May Allah ease everything for me and my friends, and our journey too. Aminn...

Land of Sinetron, Here we come!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sudden Thought

The urge crosses my mind sometimes when I am completely famished doing the same mundane routines. Aren't you just getting tired having the life that revolves around sitting for the exam one after another with little or no break in between and finishing the assignments that are mounting up to an Everest and what more, that trades your free time and beauty sleep? 

Ever ponder deep in thought will life be much better without being strangled with all of these things? To break free from the shackles of books, tests, quizzes, exams and rules. Because sometimes life is much more than just having a scroll of degree. There are mountains of thing that cant be learned from either a textbook or a two-hours lecture. Years of schooling and studying do not really prepare us at our best to handle and overcome life's test, challenges and adversity that keep coming as great as we do on paper exam because they are lot harder than they may seem to be. 

Certain things in life require us to experience it ourselves, only then we would know how it really is. To explore what this ball of earth has to offer. To taste and indulge in different tapestry of culture and to discover that everyone is wrong about other cultures and countries. If we ever want something we never had, we have had to do something we have never done. I believe the real university is to travel and go beyond limit. Surely learn more that way in a sense that we learn to adapt and adopt, see things from different angles while making us matured by age and knowledge we acquire along the way.  :)

What say you?

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Throwback Thrusday: Zoo

It is not growing up if one is not being childish once in a while. Never in my 20 years of living had I visited a zoo or everywhere of sort. The feel of seeing wild animals in real is unmatched with seeing them on tv. On this date in the last year, finally, I set my foot in a zoo for the very first time. It was Lok Kawi Wildlife Park in Sabah that witnessed this remarkable moment of my life. 

Sabah 2012

Just felt so good to be very young again without a care in the world. We were having one of the best times of our lives though a tad bit tanned after sunbathing the whole day at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park the day before. Kind of missing those days of pure and unadultered joy dearly. Surely we had an immense thrill of fun that we would carry around for the rest of our lives.    

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

This Life

Well, we do have our own stories to be scribbled on, don't we? Might as well make the best we could. So no need to hassle and buckle up everything. Keep calm and go with the flow. Let the time, and only time will put all in right places. 

Until then, live our lives to the fullest and make the most of the time given. Be happy and grateful, and do all sort of things we always want to do in the first place, then you'll know what this world has to offer for you. 

Explore more, to not just stay at home, living under the coconut shell and never to explore, and see what's out there - seize every opportunity to hop on the bandwagon and shine. Dare to be different because the ordinary is so stuffy already. We are going to be young once and we have got to live it to the full tilt. :)

Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Halfway End

Did you hear that? the sound of ticking clock which made me even more nervous than before and my fear spiked to an Everest. My exuberance already turned to vapour little by little the second I flipped through the booklet and saw the questions which were beyond what I had studied. On the microphone echoed, you have 2 more minutes to finish. The announcement spread like wildfire. Upon hearing this, I was half paralyzed with adrenaline and anxiety ran through my veins. Even worse, I couldn't be anymore claustrophobic and my both hands got clammy. I tried to fan myself with my hands to reassure this whole enchilada, yet it wasn't working well. 

My pen was glued to my hands...couldn't help it but to keep writing at the rate of a bullet hell with my handwriting. Too much to be written, yet too little time left. No matter what would happen next, I had to finish this until the end with my own writ and grit. I might have cursed a lot under my breath,but mostly I prayed that I could stay until the end without much complication and breakdown. 

2 minutes sauntered by and time up! But being me, I kept writing as if I had all the time to myself until the invigilator came to me and said, excuse me sir, we need the papers. And with that, I did my last touch up, wrote my index number and kissed goodbye to the final paper of this semester. Nevertheless, I did try my best and no point to regret. What was done couldn't be undone although it almost had my lacrimal gland secreting a stream of tears down my cheek.    

Alhamdulillah! I made it, anyway and boy was I glad to know that I didn't have to see them all anymore. That was it and how I wished I could climb on top of a mountain and scream my heart out to express my ultimate satisfaction that I had enough already. This whole parcel of examination made my mental weary and tiresome. The end of semester 4, second year of TESL degree studies. What better way to treat myself than to just sleep and laze around with good books and good company. Let's enjoy this momentary independence. :)

Can't you smell it? The strong fragrant smell of holiday in the air. I can't stand the stench of this campus anymore. haha... I'm coming home, and tell the world I'm coming home.

holiday begins! Besut, always at the heart. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Upon seeing a man driving a luxury car, wearing branded clothes on his body, there is no other thought that lingers in the back of our mind than to wonder what does it take to be him - to be born with a silver spoon in mouth. We always look up at others as if we could not afford to own what they have, when in fact, little did we know, we are too "others" for other people. Just because we are too busy comparing our lives with others whom we may think more fortunate than us, the tendency to forget this one fact is high. 

Until one day, when we walk down the street, we see there are people beg for money, even worse to solicit their bodies for a penny. Indeed, it's a shame for us, but to them, that's the only way out they know. On television, day by day, we have been served with news on wars and crimes here and there around the world as if peace and humanity aren't even exist in the dictionary of modern world. What has become of us? Merciless? Heartless? Ungrateful?

Say what? Alhamdulillah

As very much cliched as it may sound, don't we think we should be thankful for being given such a life like this that we could never thank Allah enough for bellowing upon us rezeki like a family with overflowing and unceasing love, clear running water, clothes to keep us from cold, abundance foods to keep us fit, oxygen for us to breathe, knowledge so that we could survive and the list just goes on and on? But then again, why do we keep whining and instead, asking for more as if we have not had enough of this world? Come on. Appreciate every little details that happen around us for that it's a gift from Allah. We can't always get what we want because at times, things that we want might not benefit us, and indeed Allah knows what is the best for us. Isn't He the best planner of all?

Give thanks to Allah for everything. Appreciate things before they are gone for good.

Say Alhamdulillah

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lost in Fog

Lost in Fog

That is what we call wake-up-in-a-fairyland. Please be noted that I study at nowhere near the highlands. Believe it or not, above was campus last Wednesday. Don't you just love cold and windy weather? I really do that is why it excites me. The atmosphere was shrouded by thick fog, but as the sun rose, the fog receded. And later, enjoyed a good sunny day for the rest of the day.

All that happens in nature surely teaches us a little something. Just like this one event that we may assume insignificant to our life, yet teach us the most crucial value that we must have in life. Perseverance, it is. Fog in this matter symbolizes adversity in life that we must undertake with grace. Hence, be strong is all we need to do. 

Challenges and life are coexisting. There's no life without challenges because the way we handle troubles that come makes life more exciting, sweet and worth living. But never let the adversities in life encumber our steps towards what we want, and define who you are. Just because it's so hard to swallow, you simply wish away what you currently undergo and never give a second thought about the bright side of the bad - it gives you strength, courage and patience. For once, take the risk and channel it into something constructive. Remember, taking a step towards your dream is way better that building another dream because nothing comes easy by chance. As the saying goes, no life is a bed of roses, even if it is, it must be in your dream. Keep the flame of fighting burning, and pray to Allah to ease everything. 

The sun will still appear on a foggy day as the day goes noon, and so as every bad ordeal, there must be a bright end that is worth fighting for.     

Sunday, 27 October 2013

An Urgent Call

Feeling all restless and worked up. All the hours taken to revise and keep revising has made me felt even more droggy and needless to say, how haggard I have been looking lately. Stuck in front of the laptop and glued to my seat for hours aren't my forte. My life is in a chaos and complete mess. This happens when the epiphany comes late and to cram everything in a week isn't a good choice. However, there is no other choices left, and have to settle with this every one. It's better late than never to start buck up and step on the gas.

Sabr and Stay strong!

Not even half way through and before everything bottles up to a point of melting, I, then decide I really need a booster to keep me motivated to carry on when not a thing I do makes me feel any better. A cure to this seasonal epidemic. And so I call my mummy. I am not wrong and in fact, it is the best decision ever. Mummy always knows how to motivate me and thus eradicate the resentment that rested heavily in my heart. She knows me all too well and undoubtedly, her magical words sooth me, my restless heart and mind like a magician reads mantra while waving his magic wand. In a split second, all the pain and stress is gone in the thin air. I need no reason to love you forever and always!

Mummy, May you and dad are always in the best of health and iman! 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

It's here, can't you smell it?

Sometimes we need to consign ourselves to the fate and accepting the fact that thing is as it is. Like, next week is the start of final exam of this very semester. Dang! Try to rub my eyes in disbelief and bang my head to the wall just in case I am still daydreaming, but heck, reality kicks in and a river of tears wouldn't change the fact that next week I'll be sitting for my first exam paper. Time waits no man. Waiting for the study mode to kick away the laziness in me and thus possesses my inner side is like waiting for the airplane to arrive at the bus station. Oh bummer!

But fret not, the turmoil will be over in the matter of 2 weeks or so. Heaven much? Better yet, wait till you hear this part, that is the best part of all being Jan 2012 intake is finishing exam earlier than anyone else which means extra holidays. Shoot! Whose in the right mind doesn't love extra days of semester break? Come on. Lets toss and cheers to this newsflash! 

On a more serious note, exam always freaks me out to think of my bad performances in the last few semesters. Few days before any tests, I get clammy and claustrophobic, worry for nothing. That's so me. Yet again it's all rezeki fixed by Allah, worth the effort I gave, no regrets. Not that we don't need any talisman or good luck charms for this exam, all we need from you all out there is sincere prayers from the hearts because it is the best gift of all. Hopefully, we will do just fine and pass this semester with exceptional result, Aminn.

To everyone out there in the same boat with me, wishing you all the very best and may the strongest force be with you.

May Allah ease our journey, Aminn.

# Feeling extremely droggy, a combination of drowsiness and grogginess and boy, this cold wind and windy weather bring the overflowing urge to sleep. In any second, I shall mellow myself in the cocoon of loneliness disguising itself as a fluffy duvet that keep me warm from cold and keep me company every night.  

Friday, 25 October 2013

Tales Alive

I was nowhere near a good storyteller. I used to join storytelling competition, representing my school, but that was a century ago back then in primary school. and the environment and ambiance was a whole lot different than today. As luck had it, this semester, I had to deal with a course entitled, Stories for Young Learners which carried 3 credits, which was a lot and there was no space to fool around in this course considering that sum of credit. Studying different genres of story was one part and to do storytelling simulation in class which really made me cold feet was another part. Mostly I enjoyed every minute I spent in the class. But the best part of all was, boy was I surprised to know that I was shortlisted to be one of finalists for intrabatch storytelling competition.

On a side note, to my surprise, it seemed to be that I still had the storytelling soul in me though there were lot of loopholes to be ameliorated with the most. Frankly speaking I wasn't doing that good enough to expect and earn a string quartet, fireworks, or even drum rolls to mark this little achievement which was again nothing to be prided of. So last Wednesday, we had this competition held at one of the lecture halls in our campus with the theme, Tales Alive. The perk was, it was mandatory for everyone and I really meant everyone to wear costumes on that day and it was such a brilliant idea to have everyone overdressed or gone dandy once in a while for a good cause. Plus, it coincided with Halloween celebration, not that i celebrated it as it was against my belief but it was just a random thought that fleeted through my mind. 

As it was a huge deal for me, this thing made me took a big gulp of nervousness and vomited fear. I envisioned the possibility of me having had a series of humiliating events on the stage like fainted upon seeing a large crowd of people in the hall with their eyes all on me like zombies demanded heads (not to mention, the presence of real school kids just to watch us performed which doubled my anxiety), drenched in sweat as my uncontrollable nervousness escalated, or hardly uttered any words due to sudden Parkinson strike. What if all of a sudden, I forgot my lines? What was I supposed to do? Knew it too well I was aggrandizing too much over a small matter. Yet again it was the matter of 7 minutes for god sake and everything could happen during that stipulated time. However, my lucky star wasn't with me and I did not win any places. But fret not, the experiences itself was the greatest reward of all. After all, no regrets, I had tried my very best and accepted the fact that there were others who were way better than me in this thing. I did learn lot of valuables things from this participation, especially from the feedback received from the lecturer on how to be a good storyteller, a crucial skill that a language teacher must have. This was a golden opportunity worth to seize in order to improve and edify myself before I embarked on my journey into teaching world. Kudos to all the winners!       

Told ya! Everyone dressed up to the nine. Now try to spot me. good luck! 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Why oh Why

Wasn't it always the way, the book you recently read seemed to have a strong connection with whatever angst adulthood drama you just have. There were certain things in life that you wished it never happened. but, somehow, out of your control and will, it just happened. And things started to change bit by bit. The metamorphosis was painstaking. The worst was you never seemed comfortable with it, so how to endure this without having needed to suffer acute emotional inertia?

Surely though it never started that way, but it really was my fault for I'd been lying some very personal stuff that I should have kept it tight in the closet. There was a need for me to be more vigilant and careful next time with whatever I was about to utter. So did it ever occur to you that some people misinterpreted what you were telling? Countless times, to put it in an easier way, they didn't get my jokes. They should have known me all too well that I joke a lot. Well, what was worst than a colossal misunderstanding about myself. Now that everything was pretty much a spoiled broth. there was nothing much I could do about it but to settle with whatever that was left and consign myself to my fate. All I could do now was to glean real courage and to swallow my own pride in order to man up wrong things and clear the water of misunderstanding.  

Mostly sorry for am not trying to be forlorn on these auspicious days, but it saddens me to think that I blow the one and only chance I have. *tsk

"I believe everything happens for a reason and I must be strong. In every bad ordeal, there must be a silver lining or rainbow awaits at the end of the tunnel."     

Monday, 7 October 2013

Giveaway from MessySerabut

Ola! For I was a bit on hiatus on this site lately, I totally blame the coming test and all that seem to drag me away from spilling whatever it is I like to say in here.

Let me get this straight. A friend of mine, MessySerabut is organising a giveaway contest and I think everybody should give it a shot. Stand a chance to win cool merchandises. But of course, terms and conditions are applied. For more details, click on the picture and you will be directed to the aforementioned blog. 

Wait no more! Come and give it a try, who knows the lucky star might be with you. :D

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Bread and Butter

Because things are going pretty wild these days, writing has never failed to give me the therapy that i'm always seeking. Name it, free writing or leisure writing, they shall be my bread and butter. I like watching my fingers make their dancing moves on the keyboard, typing away whatever that hoards within. Whether it rains or storms, it is there for me, verbalizing my every feeling and thought that fleet through my mind, helping me a lot to dance in the rain. On a more serious note, entertaining me when even an ice cream fails to lift the resentment that rested in my heart. Just so you know, it just feels so good to be able to lash everything out. There you go, I say it.  


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Felda Batu 8, Changlun

The best thing about having two mums now is that you get more prayers on your success. How sweet and thoughtful they are. The one from your real mom who has unceasingly loved you from the very beginning you see the world, and the one you just have from a program you join called Program Anak Angkat who is just as sweet as the one you already have. 

Though we are not family by blood, the warmth, charm, comfort and hospitality that we have received make us feel like staying at our own houses. I believe the intangible bond we have created is just as strong as the real one we have. The sweet thing about my mak angkat is she humbles herself by asking us to call her, mak. 

Mak, in life, Allah gives us brief moments to be together, but sometimes in those brief moments, we get memories that last forever like this one we just have. May you are always in the best of health and imann. Aminn. 

Our little family. 

Anak Angkat and Keluarga Angkat, at Felda Batu 8, Changlun Kedah

Thanks in abundance to those who have contributed a lot in helping us making this silaturahim a success. Alhamdulillah, we couldn't be anymore grateful. Keep in touch folks!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

More Work

Definitely a bit chilly in the past few days until now...been raining every now and then, and the sun hardly makes its way through the thick dark clouds that are about to burst into tears of rain in any seconds. It reminds me of seasons I like most, autumn and winter which are possible to happen in Malaysia. But thanks to the geography of northern Malaysia for we experience 2 distinct seasons, dry and wet. And now it's wet season, I guess. One thing I like most about this place at this time is that this place witnesses a solemn stillness holds, and a perfect calm prevails which really bring out the beauty of this very land. More than happy to wake up every morning to the cold fresh air that shoves the face like icy water. 

Seem that I have nothing much to do when in fact, I have two tasks to be submitted tomorrow morning. And right now, as you can see, am rather typing this post away when I should dedicate all the time I have for the tasks. But decide to give myself a breather for a while because this brain of mine has been cudgeling for hours with little break to bring out the best idea it could...hence it is time to recharge the energy. I need it most right this second and couldn't afford to have any breakdown or anything because these tasks constitute a lot of percentage and the next reason is, i'm catching a bus to somewhere for my long weekend tomorrow which I could not afford to bring along the tasks with me. By hook or by crook, I need to get them done tonight even if they cost me my sleep, but that is tiny weeny matter.  

Now that i'm struggling with my own writ and grit, wish me the best and still in one piece after tonight! :D  


Friday, 30 August 2013

Alive and Kicking

As Salam

Long time have I not scribbled something in here. The past weeks have been quite a week...even to scroll down the dashboard to see the updates I hardly do, what more to write anything lengthy. Not that I have nothing to jot down just that laziness hits me to the rock bottom so it, really is my mistake for letting myself being lackadaisical. Plus, I've been a busy bee back in the days, with little or no break in between until everything bottles up to a point of total meltdown. Even so, this blog has always had a place in the corner of my heart. Now that I'm back on my just bear with me and what I'm going to rant.

Done with my last school attachment. great company, i've ever had. big things are ahead of me next semester, one of them is full practicum.

Know it all too well that we are all still in the raya mood and the thing I'm gonna talk is slightly off the topic, yet it is what people of my age are excited about or at least, thinking about it somewhere in the back of their mind. And marriage, it is. But first, taking this chance to congratulate my very very very best friend who's going to walk down the aisle very soon, in sha Allah. At first, all surprised, but excited to know that you've finally found the one you always dream of and we all couldn't be anymore happier for you. Back in the day of pure and unadultered teenagehood, we are more than happy to discuss about our crushes, but now, someone has taken a step forward. Somehow, it feels different, but our friendship shall remain the same. In fact, it is great to know everyone is moving on and doing very well in their life. Looking forward to the day. May Allah bless you always and everything you have planned. 

Like it is being told in every cliched Malay movies, love comes when it is least expected. So as to get marry, there's no need to rush. No point of courting anyone here and there if at the end of the day, s/he isn't meant for you. There will come the right time for you to settle down. In all fairness, let's ponder this one line that says..."Janganlah kita sibuk mencari jodoh, sebaliknya sibukkanlah diri kita mencari hidayah Allah." Have a deep thought about it...don't you think we are running out of time to really devote ourselves to Him, the one and only? So why do we disconnect our relationship with Allah and forsake everything into vain? 

I think i've said too much. Have a nice weekend! 

Let our faith stands still and strong.

Friday, 19 July 2013


This is one of those moments in life I'm going to treasure the most. 2 more years to go. It isn't that long as it sounds. Hence, let's cherish what we have now before everyone takes their own step into the world. 

Class iftar. The bros. Credit to Hafiy for the pic. =)

Saturday, 13 July 2013


The name as it suggests, a journey of a person with a huge potential in life bestowed upon him by Allah that are yet to be unfurled.

The one that will never take a day off from seeking Allah's blessing, mercy and forgiveness to lead the way to Jannah.

The one that will and  always encounter many challenges that the world has to offer that seems ridiculous at times and some of it does cause him to stumble and fall.

The one that will continue his way, peacefully, calmly, and full of confidence and faith.

The one that is willing to accept defeat and failure in order to learn and gain experience in life, with a big goal that is to grow stronger day by day and get closer to Allah. 

The one that love to be taken away by good books and a long walk on the beach and a stroll in the park on a sunny day, to enjoy Allah's creations.

The one that embraces his shortcomings for they define him as much as his talent.

For I, will continue my voyage with the strong will, infinite determination, strength, and courage of a Mujahideen.

Bon Voyage

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Yeah, you're right after all. This might be the crappy blog that I can write nonsensical things in my pajamas. I know. Nothing here is worth to be read. Nothing here is worth to be shared. Nothing here is worth to be enjoyed. Yet everything here is a memory worth to be cherished. It is the only thing that I could count on to remind me how much have I gone through over the years - the smiles, the giggles, the pain, the tears...

But it's okay. I like writing and documenting my every thoughts here because it gives me a surge of relief to be able to let it out loud. You know, it takes real courage to immortalize every single details into words. This is they way I roll. I'm gonna keep my fingers dancing on the keyboard and nothing could stop me from verbalizing every thoughts that fleet through my mind, not even you.  

Have faith in people and embrace their uniqueness. Surely you will be surprised. :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ramadhan 1434H

As Salam

Believe it or not...Ramadhan is here, bidding us hello. Alhamdulillah for He has bestowed upon us the chance to savour another Ramadhan in our lives. Make the most of this Ramadhan to the fullest like it is our last for such a colossal waste if we let this golden and once-a-year opportunity slip through fingers.

Envy at those who have finally found their turning points. What about us? Are we there yet? Will Ramadhan change us and eradicate the other side of us that we abhor most...the side which always sees bad in other people? Seize this moment and make a move that turns us a better person, in sha Allah.

May Allah's blessings be with us ahead. :D

Wednesday, 3 July 2013



On how to reach the dream
We mustn't give it up
Hard though it may seem

Persistence is the key 
Never let it make us queasy
Sometimes we all have things to do 
that are not fun or easy

Yes! I can do it
Try harder every day

There are sacrifices to be salvaged,
it called for working rough
But there is lots of fun along the way
which help when things get rough 

#Persistence="i can do it" thought + giving effort + working tough 

Monday, 1 July 2013


Definitely a bit chilly this morning. Isn't it great that it is raining today? Hope it continues to rain throughout the week so we will have a beautiful, fresh and cool world to wake up to every morning. Weee...


Friday, 28 June 2013


#June,28th 2010

27 misfits

Thanks Sammy

2 celebrations at the same time

Time saunters by pretty fast. Heck yeah...galloping away to the tick of time...3 years seem like yesterday. Can you believe it? I possibly cannot. Lest we may forget...on this very date...we first met back in 2010. Back then we are so naive and gullible. Over the years, we have taken our baby steps or quantum leap to grow and mature bit by bit. Our youthful vigor and teenage adrenaline are at their best to try almost everything college life has to offer. Such amazing 3 years, we have has been a crazy ride, yet splendid. And we are together through thick and thin, still. Though years may have worn us...but never will everything that is thrown at us get us weary and teary. Instead...we grow even stronger than before. A long journey ahead of us...keep on walking despite rain, storm, and shenanigans.

All that laugh
All that smiles
All that bickerings
All that tears
All that we have shared
Will forever be there
Etched in the back of our minds
As memories to be cherished
For the rest of our lives
Stay young, nimble and spry! :D

#heart TESL D

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


As much as I want to deny it, there is inkling that incessantly says that I am not cut out for this after all. This thought fleets through my mind and gets me to think that I may be as good as something else I yet to discover and unfurl. T_T

Just so right


Monday, 24 June 2013

The Day

Don't wish away what you have and you just receive. Just because it isn't the way you have always wanted, doesn't mean you can take it for granted...stick this in get what you give. Every little thing that is bellowed upon you is a gift and sooner it will bring you to the good and happy ending that you never ever's a long battle. The most important thing is we must be thankful for that He still gives us sustenance and mostly, the chance. Say Alhamdulillah...that is all it takes.  

"Sometimes Allah gives us failure and hardship to teach us to stay and be strong, to get up, but mostly reminding us enlightenment and sustenance are His only right"

Alhamdulillah. Could never thank you enough. 


Sunday, 23 June 2013



Manukan Island

As I write, the late afternoon sun is lighting up the spray from the water skier out on the deep blue waters of the sea. Water which reflects the deep azure sky and stretches out to the mountains and isles on the far shore, over which tiny wisps of clouds are settling.'s really very nice here.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday, 14 June 2013


Now and then it's good to stop and take a pause for a while in our pursuit of happiness and be happy with what we already have. Just because we want and crave for more, it doesn't mean we have to let whatever we have now slip through our fingers and take them for granted. For once, let the real immense feelings of satiation and happiness shroud our souls, hearts and minds to make us feel grateful for what He has been bellowed upon us. Remember, without them, we aren't what and where we are now. Take a minute and appreciate a little thing around before they're gone for good, only then to realize that life is more about every little step we take, than the goal we want to achieve. 

Friday, 7 June 2013


Books are the bees which carry quickening pollen from one to another mind. What about Al Quran? Undoubtedly, it is unmatched with any other books in this entire world. The whole content of it is true, authentic...telling the truth, nothing but the truth. Only truth, it tells and teaches. Whatever it says, everything is deep in meaning and something for us ponder about and to reflect upon. Al Quran and its message are delving on many topics and are beyond compared. There is nothing but Al Quran, the holy book, the only scripture that we should believe is no way fictitious or made-up as it never fails to provide us with constant guidance we need...supplement us with the knowledge we want to know...tell us boundaries we must not infringe. The entire book itself gives a surge of serenity and calmness to those who read it wholeheartedly. So lucky those who can recite Al Quran eloquently. Hence possibly read while you can, never too late to learn how to read and recite Al Quran. Imagine...a word, a reward, what else we want? Riddle me this then...if we could stand for hours just to finish a novel, why can't we do the same to Al Quran, dedicating and sparing some of our quality time just for Al Quran? And meant to ask (a reminder to self, as well), how many of us (including me) have read the Quran from cover to cover? Remember, a word of sage advice is way better than a gibberish talk of nonsense. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Everyone is looking for love, wealth, happiness, fame, mates and the list goes on and on like there would be no definite end to it. But the blessed ones are so preoccupied doing the opposite...searching for His blessing, begging for His mercy and forgiveness, asking for enlightenment and guidance, uplifting ones' ibadah, preparing oneself for akhirat and death...only then to come to the realization that everything around is insignificant if it did not lead to His path, and only to have sheer and ultimate happiness rolled in. 

Ya our way...ease our way...Aminn


Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Worldly things are tempting, titillating...anchoring us down the darkest valley of lies and deceit. We drown...we suffocate...we asphyxiate to death. Nothing there makes us feel any better or close to Him. Everything is nothing but mere lies...faked by human for fools. But why do we keep tripping and tumbling? Strangled and struggle to find the escape path. Why are we too snob to acknowledge that lies lie right before our eyes and let them blur and blind our vision? Why are we so complacent with the things we have when in fact not a single soul and thing will last forever? Why are we so vulnerable to the worldly threats that we let them evade our souls...and indoctrinate our minds...thus drag us away from Him? Why do we feel so comfortable doing sins and still be so proud to walk on this earth made by Him? What does it take to really get over worldly temptations so that whatever we do is what He asks us to do? Think. Reflect.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


"Everyone has different ways to love. Just because it isn't what you want and expect, doesn't mean they don't really love you."

So true

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Silver lining. 

As Salam
Alhamdulillah…could never be thankful enough…I survive and certainly am. Killing 4 papers in 3 days, back to back…does sound so cumbersome to be maneuvered…seem legit…and a lot of work, huh? Certainly is. What's done is done. Not that I expect any mental breakdown or brain freeze in the past few days because I really need my brain at its best. Shoot...this week couldn’t be anymore hectic. I have had enough drama, not to mention there are times when sudden emotional lapse and inertia swing by to think of the things I could have done right in the examination…drain my motivation. Brain strenuously works to an extreme. And now is the time to put it at rest for a few moments. The exam is not better nor worse...just hope and pray for the best. This is yet not an end. I can’t possibly wait for the last paper on the next Monday, Moral Education and then…heading home! Holiday mode turns on right after…it seems to be that the mood comes early this semester or am I just being the one and only person who is already in the kind of mood? *wondering

All the very best. 


Saturday, 11 May 2013


As Salam

I don't think any of us has to wait a particular day to make you feel special about make you feel make you feel thank you for everything you have done until pray to Allah that you are always in good health and far from any tell you how much we love you and no one else has to see it as long as we have each other. There is a strong intangible bond that binds us together no matter what. Every day is your day. Without is incomplete. You're the teacher of our lifetime. You teach us right from wrong and we are going to be strong.

You're the one for me after Allah s.w.t




As Salam

Drowning in the sea of notes and books for weeks. They are all over the places. I am in a mess and almost asphyxiated to death (pun intended). Brain freezes to the extent it swallows more than it can chew. Too much to be revised, yet too little time to study or should I put it in this way that I procrastinate a lot. Regretting all the wasted time spending on useless things during the whole semester when in fact I should get my study on. Been having and savoring much leeway time all this while and now a surge of guilt hits me and not to mention, stress runs through my veins strenuously. Typical student.

Enough lamenting. Doesn't take me anywhere if I keep sighing and whining. Couldn't help it but admit that...A moment of realization only comes at the very last minute of time. Yet it's better late than never. There is always a shine of hope in every bad ordeal. Keep trying, it is. Double the effort and set the right intention, "Belajar kerana Allah s.w.t". In sha Allah...all the hardwork will be paid off one fine day. It's not a waste. Be sure that we only get whet we give. Chill. 


Wishing all of my batchmates...all the very best, beat the rest. Man Jadda Wajada. Keep on fighting until the last drop of blood, tears and sweat. This is our war and we were born to do this thing.   


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Full Bloom


Just 2 curious kiddos

The tree is at his best at this time of the year. Astonished at how a tree can make a huge difference to the landscape it beholds that used to be so dull and sombre. Nothing feels better than to be served with such a magnificent view bellowed upon us by Allah s.w.t every time I walk out of my residence hall to anywhere in the campus...and watching its petals slowly dropping down onto the ground rekindles a surge of serenity and calmness to the heart and mind. Embracing its beauty before the season is gone for good...and we are yet to know whether we would still stand a chance to see its full bloom again the next time around. The future is still in uncertainty so appreciate the present day (say Alhamdulillah) before it becomes a past, because past is past and no one can turn around the clock. No one. 

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Courtesy of Tumblr

As Salam

There have been many people walking past in my life...and some could have easily been seen and traced...especially those who make their presence felt...those who leave their footprint all through the trail...those who break me into pieces...and those who take me out of the dark and bring me to the light. And  they are whom I called friends.

And there are these people who really make their appearance impacted my whole life the most and redefines my trueself. Alhamdulillah...I could never thank You enough for bringing those precious gift of friends into my life for that they help me awake from a long me to jerk back into me what life is all about, submitting oneself to You. When my life is nothing but an endless joke and narcissism, they rescue when I am downward the spiral of shame where nothing there makes me feel any better...witness and scaffold me recollecting scattered pieces of faith to rebuild a solid foundation upon the one and only religion I believe in, Islam.

Ya Allah...shower upon them (all of my friends, wherever you are) your grace, blessing and all the happiness in this world and hereafter. May you grant them Jannah for their good deeds and kindness. Aminn. Ukhwah Fillah Abadan Abada


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Queen of My Heart

Every time I go home for a break or holiday...the first thing I will do is to kiss her hands, her booth cheeks, and her forehead, and the grand finale is to hug her tight. In a washes away all the worries and anxieties I have. What a bliss! And today is the special day of my first lady. The queen of my heart, my mum.

I know since I left home for college, we rarely talk like we used to and I regret it. Even though we are miles away from each other...i'll always make sure that you and dad are always in my prayer forever. You own my heart beside Allah s.w.t 

Nothing much to say because words can't really describe how much grateful I am to have such a great mum like you. You have done such a good job all these years. You did well in growing us up and I can never thank you enough. Love you till bits. 

May Allah bellow upon you good health, many more grandchildren, sustenance and wonderful life ahead. Aminn. :'D

My Mum
My pillar of strength
My beacon of hope
My superwoman
My forever teacher
My motivator
My bestfriend
My girlfriend
My gossip partner
My shopping partner
Superfluous to say
You're my everything

My forever love :D

Saturday, 27 April 2013


A bumpy road can lead to a spectacular beach. The going may just get tough, challenging even. Yet the tougher the journey is, the better you are, and the sweeter the ending is. No one gets to a destination by playing safe because this is life and life is so full of obstructions.

The road not taken.

As long as you believe in yourself and Allah as your were born to do this thing and kill it. 


Friday, 26 April 2013

Not Knowing

Sometimes curiosity kills the cat.

Not knowing isn’t a problem. Not asking is. Why we no ask when we have doubts in almost everything?

Fear that all eyes are onto you like you are piercing something not on your face? Screw them all. Fear that everyone would label you stupid that you rather settle being nothing and sitting there quietly in a corner…keep the questions to yourself…keep them lingering and mingling in the back of your mind…let them remain unanswered and unsolved…gain nothing but piling up doubts after another like setting up Jenga. Worst is staying stuck forever. Come has got to learn to move from that fear and stereotype. When you asked, be it simple or difficult question, you are actually helping those who don’t have the gut to face their limitation. Your action is a good deed, in fact. Don’t you want to get rewards (pahala) in the easiest way forever? The wind of change starts with you. Think about it…deep in thought.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


I almost skate by the month of April barely writing a post. Disappearance from the blogsphere is an option to iron out few things that waltz in my life. And now I am back in harness and ready to shower and crowd this blog of mine with my eccentric train of thoughts, love, and jokes that no one understands better than me.

Yeah…be warned that I blog crap sometimes. But it is the nonsensical things that make me remember what is important and what is worth fighting for. And just think…there will be times when you are grateful for every adversity and stillness happening to you because it makes you stronger than you ever thought you were. Never dwell, fight back. 


Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Wonderful Evening

Again, more and more surprises. I am totally surprised until I have no idea how to react anymore. Alhamdulillah...with the presents, layered cakes from Sarawak and buddies here are so sweet. If I succumbed diabetes, I would have been hospitalized in the first place due to escalating sugar level. LOL. Whatever it is, thanks guys! I owe all of you so much. You guys have always had a place in my heart no matter how microscopic it is. :D

Dear brothers, Uhibbukifillah! 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Surprising Sunday

As salam

It was almost fajr when I arrived at my room this morning. Put my things away, 7 hours journey killed my beauty sleep and I simply blamed the seat for ruining my comfort, and I was in dire need of taking one now. Tuck myself into the bed when I saw something on my study table. My roommate was in the dreamworld at the other side of the room. I slowly gathered some energy to go and check it out. And there it was...beautifully concealed. A birthday present from my loveliest roommate. birthday had long gone, yet he never failed to produce a present then. Isn't he romantic? He is indeed...hahaha... Joy fills my heart and I'm so grateful for having a friend and a roommate like him. Very supportive and friendly since. At times, we can be serious. At the same time, we can be crazy too. That's just who we are. Thanks Alau! 


It needs not to be something pricey and branded things to make my day and cheer me up for the rest of the day. Sometimes having a good book in my hands can be the glorious moment in my life unmatched with any other things on this earth including a cake. 


Monday, 25 March 2013

Buddies Bonding

As Salam

My college friends are here last few days. There are four of them whom I know them all too well since we study at the same college, stay at the same residence hall and apparently head to the same direction, future teachers, in sha Allah. They are here for 2 nights and it has solely been my duty to take them on a tour around Besut to get wasted, of course, in a good way.

Kids once a while. Cherish always. :D

For 2 consecutive days, we have been laughing like there is no tomorrow. We have been smiling like there is no sadness in this world. We have been poking and joking at each other like there is no one around. The world seems to just spin around us and it gets better since. We are the happiest lads on earth soon to be young adults. Savour the time together while we can because another 2 years can saunter by within a snap. 

Ukhwah Fillah Abadan Abada


Thursday, 21 March 2013

1.15 and it's over

As Salam

The bell rings, indicating the school is over for the day. Kids were thrown in seven heaven as school holidays will start tomorrow. Let alone the kids indulging themselves in the merriment of celebrating the coming of school break. I’m not going to kill the joy as I really know how it feels like when holiday drops by because I was them before.

I know exactly at that moment that I’m done for another School-based experience. Knowing the fact that the very second I step out of the school gate, I will no longer have myself returned to the chores that I have been doing for a week and to the meeting room that we were put throughout the week– replacing teachers, microteaching, invigilating examination, arranging exam paper, rush here and there meeting teachers just to get their signatures. Gah, i'm so going to miss the moments dearly, really. The experience itself is worth doing though the workload is unbearable and consumes my free time most of the time. See yourself, life as a teacher couldn’t be anymore tedious folks!

My plate is full and I have my hands at almost everything this whole week. But I’m glad that I manage to endure them all till the very last school bell of this week. I did it! I have never really understood the word teaching until this week and this whole school-attachment thing has opened any new chapter in my life and rekindled the teaching soul within. Yet, I finally feel zing of being a teacher and it feels so dear to me. A busy bee, indeed. Personally, this is the best school-attachment yet. Alhamdulillah   

What is memorable on the last day is that never in my wildest dream have I thought that a student would shed tears when she gets to know that we are no longer here when school commences after the holiday. I almost burst into tears but my manly manliness manages to hold back the sober. It touches me in the pit of my stomach, in the crown of head, and most prominently in the corner of my heart that this student is coming from the class that I have been yelling at especially when their behaviour infuriates and irks me. But they touch the part of mine that cares the most, my heart. It melts like melting butter on hot warm toast. Thanks kiddos for the memories. Obviously, people come and go, but memories made remain forever. 

Whoever says teaching is easy, they are seriously disturbed.

Say cheese! 3 Delima

Yeah...Azri is back home. Spring Holiday, she says. Meeting her for the last time before she returns to Hiroshima, Japan this coming weekend. Safe journey gal! Stay golden yeah.