Friday, 29 November 2013

2013 Retreat

"Once a year, go to a place you have never been before"

Yes, it definitely is resounding titillating. 

Flying is addictive and on top of that, we will do whatever it takes including cutting costs here and there using meager stipend we receive in every semester to ensure we would go on a trip to somewhere by the end of every study term. 

So earlier in this year, a major sacrifice we had made. We gleaned some real courage to burn some holes in our pockets just to satisfy our insatiable wanderlust and to quench the thirst of our inquisitive curiosity about the sights and stories of a place and the people living in it. 

We really need this escapade to let off the steams as we have been working ourselves to the bone throughout the semesters. It is worthy to give oneself a treat sometimes after a year of crazy-roller-coaster-ride. The date is now just around the corner. Excitement and gratitude fills my heart after a year-long waiting. May Allah ease everything for me and my friends, and our journey too. Aminn...

Land of Sinetron, Here we come!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sudden Thought

The urge crosses my mind sometimes when I am completely famished doing the same mundane routines. Aren't you just getting tired having the life that revolves around sitting for the exam one after another with little or no break in between and finishing the assignments that are mounting up to an Everest and what more, that trades your free time and beauty sleep? 

Ever ponder deep in thought will life be much better without being strangled with all of these things? To break free from the shackles of books, tests, quizzes, exams and rules. Because sometimes life is much more than just having a scroll of degree. There are mountains of thing that cant be learned from either a textbook or a two-hours lecture. Years of schooling and studying do not really prepare us at our best to handle and overcome life's test, challenges and adversity that keep coming as great as we do on paper exam because they are lot harder than they may seem to be. 

Certain things in life require us to experience it ourselves, only then we would know how it really is. To explore what this ball of earth has to offer. To taste and indulge in different tapestry of culture and to discover that everyone is wrong about other cultures and countries. If we ever want something we never had, we have had to do something we have never done. I believe the real university is to travel and go beyond limit. Surely learn more that way in a sense that we learn to adapt and adopt, see things from different angles while making us matured by age and knowledge we acquire along the way.  :)

What say you?

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Throwback Thrusday: Zoo

It is not growing up if one is not being childish once in a while. Never in my 20 years of living had I visited a zoo or everywhere of sort. The feel of seeing wild animals in real is unmatched with seeing them on tv. On this date in the last year, finally, I set my foot in a zoo for the very first time. It was Lok Kawi Wildlife Park in Sabah that witnessed this remarkable moment of my life. 

Sabah 2012

Just felt so good to be very young again without a care in the world. We were having one of the best times of our lives though a tad bit tanned after sunbathing the whole day at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park the day before. Kind of missing those days of pure and unadultered joy dearly. Surely we had an immense thrill of fun that we would carry around for the rest of our lives.    

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

This Life

Well, we do have our own stories to be scribbled on, don't we? Might as well make the best we could. So no need to hassle and buckle up everything. Keep calm and go with the flow. Let the time, and only time will put all in right places. 

Until then, live our lives to the fullest and make the most of the time given. Be happy and grateful, and do all sort of things we always want to do in the first place, then you'll know what this world has to offer for you. 

Explore more, to not just stay at home, living under the coconut shell and never to explore, and see what's out there - seize every opportunity to hop on the bandwagon and shine. Dare to be different because the ordinary is so stuffy already. We are going to be young once and we have got to live it to the full tilt. :)

Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Halfway End

Did you hear that? the sound of ticking clock which made me even more nervous than before and my fear spiked to an Everest. My exuberance already turned to vapour little by little the second I flipped through the booklet and saw the questions which were beyond what I had studied. On the microphone echoed, you have 2 more minutes to finish. The announcement spread like wildfire. Upon hearing this, I was half paralyzed with adrenaline and anxiety ran through my veins. Even worse, I couldn't be anymore claustrophobic and my both hands got clammy. I tried to fan myself with my hands to reassure this whole enchilada, yet it wasn't working well. 

My pen was glued to my hands...couldn't help it but to keep writing at the rate of a bullet hell with my handwriting. Too much to be written, yet too little time left. No matter what would happen next, I had to finish this until the end with my own writ and grit. I might have cursed a lot under my breath,but mostly I prayed that I could stay until the end without much complication and breakdown. 

2 minutes sauntered by and time up! But being me, I kept writing as if I had all the time to myself until the invigilator came to me and said, excuse me sir, we need the papers. And with that, I did my last touch up, wrote my index number and kissed goodbye to the final paper of this semester. Nevertheless, I did try my best and no point to regret. What was done couldn't be undone although it almost had my lacrimal gland secreting a stream of tears down my cheek.    

Alhamdulillah! I made it, anyway and boy was I glad to know that I didn't have to see them all anymore. That was it and how I wished I could climb on top of a mountain and scream my heart out to express my ultimate satisfaction that I had enough already. This whole parcel of examination made my mental weary and tiresome. The end of semester 4, second year of TESL degree studies. What better way to treat myself than to just sleep and laze around with good books and good company. Let's enjoy this momentary independence. :)

Can't you smell it? The strong fragrant smell of holiday in the air. I can't stand the stench of this campus anymore. haha... I'm coming home, and tell the world I'm coming home.

holiday begins! Besut, always at the heart. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Upon seeing a man driving a luxury car, wearing branded clothes on his body, there is no other thought that lingers in the back of our mind than to wonder what does it take to be him - to be born with a silver spoon in mouth. We always look up at others as if we could not afford to own what they have, when in fact, little did we know, we are too "others" for other people. Just because we are too busy comparing our lives with others whom we may think more fortunate than us, the tendency to forget this one fact is high. 

Until one day, when we walk down the street, we see there are people beg for money, even worse to solicit their bodies for a penny. Indeed, it's a shame for us, but to them, that's the only way out they know. On television, day by day, we have been served with news on wars and crimes here and there around the world as if peace and humanity aren't even exist in the dictionary of modern world. What has become of us? Merciless? Heartless? Ungrateful?

Say what? Alhamdulillah

As very much cliched as it may sound, don't we think we should be thankful for being given such a life like this that we could never thank Allah enough for bellowing upon us rezeki like a family with overflowing and unceasing love, clear running water, clothes to keep us from cold, abundance foods to keep us fit, oxygen for us to breathe, knowledge so that we could survive and the list just goes on and on? But then again, why do we keep whining and instead, asking for more as if we have not had enough of this world? Come on. Appreciate every little details that happen around us for that it's a gift from Allah. We can't always get what we want because at times, things that we want might not benefit us, and indeed Allah knows what is the best for us. Isn't He the best planner of all?

Give thanks to Allah for everything. Appreciate things before they are gone for good.

Say Alhamdulillah

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lost in Fog

Lost in Fog

That is what we call wake-up-in-a-fairyland. Please be noted that I study at nowhere near the highlands. Believe it or not, above was campus last Wednesday. Don't you just love cold and windy weather? I really do that is why it excites me. The atmosphere was shrouded by thick fog, but as the sun rose, the fog receded. And later, enjoyed a good sunny day for the rest of the day.

All that happens in nature surely teaches us a little something. Just like this one event that we may assume insignificant to our life, yet teach us the most crucial value that we must have in life. Perseverance, it is. Fog in this matter symbolizes adversity in life that we must undertake with grace. Hence, be strong is all we need to do. 

Challenges and life are coexisting. There's no life without challenges because the way we handle troubles that come makes life more exciting, sweet and worth living. But never let the adversities in life encumber our steps towards what we want, and define who you are. Just because it's so hard to swallow, you simply wish away what you currently undergo and never give a second thought about the bright side of the bad - it gives you strength, courage and patience. For once, take the risk and channel it into something constructive. Remember, taking a step towards your dream is way better that building another dream because nothing comes easy by chance. As the saying goes, no life is a bed of roses, even if it is, it must be in your dream. Keep the flame of fighting burning, and pray to Allah to ease everything. 

The sun will still appear on a foggy day as the day goes noon, and so as every bad ordeal, there must be a bright end that is worth fighting for.