Wednesday, 29 September 2010

MUET-troublesome though..

i've just got to know this evening that those who are going to sit for MUET exam will be given class-exceptional from HEP.

yeah, it is quite sure a good news not just for me but also my classmate.

to be honest, i'm quite excited but at the same time i'm at the peak of nervousness.

i tell you what people, i don't prepare any for muet as if i was sent to a battle without knowing how to maneuver a riffle.

quite suck isn't.

to be assured, muet isn't an easy thing like ABC.

a higher level of language is in use.

making matter difficult, it is divided into four sections which is distinctly testing our language competencies.

as i scroll down my mouse to google tips on MUET, i do find several good one,but as i go further, i do also find MUET is hard as a rock!

mind you, once again, it really, really and really tests your language!

truth be told, i'm no an english expert by any means, but think of my TESL sake, i must, need and have to do my very best in MUET.

it starts to cold-feet me, and hit me like a clouds.

hopefully, i will not dream of MUET tonight.

if it is a nice dream, i will be so contented tomorrow morning.

though, if it turns on the other hands, i will be so scared as if i have comitted a series of crimes.

obviously, i'm reckoned the most in writing, and for sure the rest too.

pondering my cousin's point, do write as much as you do, because believe me or not, it affirmatively will improve our writing skills.

back to my crux, whether you see a point or not, i have to get into books once again, to make sure i do well in MUET.

all in all, beyond doubt, i need to get ready 100% to face MUET, preparing the weapons aren't an easy things-but do believe "practice makes perfect".

have a nice day people.>_<

p.s. am looking very forward for MUET, and perhaps i will get a minimum band 4. amin..

Sunday, 26 September 2010

writing strategy 1

hye and salam people..
i have been asked by so many people on how to write well in english.
and actually, to tell you people the truth, i'm still in the process of learning.
so, hereby, i will give some strategies which i found very good to improve our writing in english.
we shall start this first lesson with the topic
I Don’t Know What
to Write About

It’s the worst feeling in the world. You know you’re supposed to be writing;
your teacher just told you to get started. But where do you start?
Finding a good topic is one of the hardest parts of learning to write. And, unfortunately,
every writer runs into it right at the beginning. Even if you do come
up with a good topic for today, what about tomorrow? And the next day? And the
next? Are you going to have to struggle like this every time a teacher asks you to
No matter how many times you’ve come up with good topics before, you end
up with the very same problem the next time you start a piece. And that’s why
you need strategies that will always give you many good topics to choose from.
One approach that seems to work well for many writers is the Topic T-Chart
strategy. The idea is to make two lists at the same time based on opposites. Here
are some examples that will help you find something good to write about:
• Like-Hate. Things you like and things you hate.
• Typical-Unusual. Typical experiences that happen almost every day
and unusual experiences that have happened only once or twice in
your entire life.
• Fun-Have To. Things you do for fun and things you do because you
have to.
• Regret-Proud Of. Things you regret and things you are
proud of.
You can use these lists over and over. (You can even use them in different
classes and in different grades!) Try a couple of the ones suggested here or make
up your own. In just a few minutes, you’ll have enough topics to last a whole


the blogger is currently having a troublesome fever and unable to update his blog.

praying well he can get up as soon as possible!

have a nice week people!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

IT'S REALLY UP TO YOU: a choice between success and failure

one song can spark a moment

one flower can wake the dream

one tree can start a forest

one bird can herald spring

one smile brings a friendship

one handclasp lifts a soul

one star can guide a ship at sea

one word can frame the goal

one vote can change a nation

one sunbeam lights a room

one candle wipes out darkness

one laugh will conquer gloom

one step must start each journey

one word must start each prayer

one hope will raise our spirits

one touch can show you care

one star brings us to goals

one voice can speak with wisdom

one unity can shake the world

one heart can know what's true

one life can make the difference

just so you know

you see

it's up to you!

p.s. the choices is yours..the power is in your hands

Friday, 24 September 2010

mad, was i??

what in the world was i getting harebrained on you..

believe me, with all your heart, and your soul full of love, i didn't mean to tear your feeling into pieces.

nope at all, i swear with the moon and the stars above.

might be, i was just somehow stressed out with my life.

it got complicated as i progressed and kind of dull and monotonous: full of the same colours and shape.

making matter sorriest, i mis-exploded out on you.

i knew, upon raising my voice on you, i abruptly scared you the most and you kind of traumatized with me.

and i felt the same too:bad, sorry, atrocious and horrendous.

truthfully, not only did i felt perplexed with myself, i was somehow petrified with my feeling.

it was getting cumbersome to maneuver.

i was easily losing my control on it.

getting wild, wilder, and wildest.

with a strange combination of regret and self-aware, i tried to change myself, like shifting from bad to right.

as a matter of facts, truth be told, i could feel a monumental changes taking place in my life.

by this time, i was more than comfortable and feeling flattered as if i was flying in the sky while riding on unicorn. planning a holiday to penang during deepavali with friends.

Thursday, 23 September 2010 between..

as i was here in ippp for already 4 months, i could not help but had to get focussed on my study for the sake of my preparation year and as well as TESL.

in the back of my mind, i kept thinking of turning my life clock against it's normal norm, which was i believed impossible.

and wishing well upon every stars on the pitch black night sky that somehow i could make a U-turn in my life and somehow deciding to take law as my field of expertise instead of TESL, which was i believed totally inconceivable.

i was neither regretted nor frustrated by any means, but had to wonder what did cause me to feel everything in between.

uh, forget that one!

no matter what happened, all i need to do is striving the best as i can do and trying to get over all negatives feeling, while staying riveted on my study to achieve
SIJIL ANUGERAH PENGARAH...i really wanted it to be mine somehow in the future.

and last, praying well i could be the best among the best.

stay focalized, stay ahead.

p.s. am looking forward for the end year break, can't wait anymore..