Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Wonderful Evening

Again, more and more surprises. I am totally surprised until I have no idea how to react anymore. Alhamdulillah...with the presents, layered cakes from Sarawak and buddies here are so sweet. If I succumbed diabetes, I would have been hospitalized in the first place due to escalating sugar level. LOL. Whatever it is, thanks guys! I owe all of you so much. You guys have always had a place in my heart no matter how microscopic it is. :D

Dear brothers, Uhibbukifillah! 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Surprising Sunday

As salam

It was almost fajr when I arrived at my room this morning. Put my things away, 7 hours journey killed my beauty sleep and I simply blamed the seat for ruining my comfort, and I was in dire need of taking one now. Tuck myself into the bed when I saw something on my study table. My roommate was in the dreamworld at the other side of the room. I slowly gathered some energy to go and check it out. And there it was...beautifully concealed. A birthday present from my loveliest roommate. birthday had long gone, yet he never failed to produce a present then. Isn't he romantic? He is indeed...hahaha... Joy fills my heart and I'm so grateful for having a friend and a roommate like him. Very supportive and friendly since. At times, we can be serious. At the same time, we can be crazy too. That's just who we are. Thanks Alau! 


It needs not to be something pricey and branded things to make my day and cheer me up for the rest of the day. Sometimes having a good book in my hands can be the glorious moment in my life unmatched with any other things on this earth including a cake. 


Monday, 25 March 2013

Buddies Bonding

As Salam

My college friends are here last few days. There are four of them whom I know them all too well since we study at the same college, stay at the same residence hall and apparently head to the same direction, future teachers, in sha Allah. They are here for 2 nights and it has solely been my duty to take them on a tour around Besut to get wasted, of course, in a good way.

Kids once a while. Cherish always. :D

For 2 consecutive days, we have been laughing like there is no tomorrow. We have been smiling like there is no sadness in this world. We have been poking and joking at each other like there is no one around. The world seems to just spin around us and it gets better since. We are the happiest lads on earth soon to be young adults. Savour the time together while we can because another 2 years can saunter by within a snap. 

Ukhwah Fillah Abadan Abada


Thursday, 21 March 2013

1.15 and it's over

As Salam

The bell rings, indicating the school is over for the day. Kids were thrown in seven heaven as school holidays will start tomorrow. Let alone the kids indulging themselves in the merriment of celebrating the coming of school break. I’m not going to kill the joy as I really know how it feels like when holiday drops by because I was them before.

I know exactly at that moment that I’m done for another School-based experience. Knowing the fact that the very second I step out of the school gate, I will no longer have myself returned to the chores that I have been doing for a week and to the meeting room that we were put throughout the week– replacing teachers, microteaching, invigilating examination, arranging exam paper, rush here and there meeting teachers just to get their signatures. Gah, i'm so going to miss the moments dearly, really. The experience itself is worth doing though the workload is unbearable and consumes my free time most of the time. See yourself, life as a teacher couldn’t be anymore tedious folks!

My plate is full and I have my hands at almost everything this whole week. But I’m glad that I manage to endure them all till the very last school bell of this week. I did it! I have never really understood the word teaching until this week and this whole school-attachment thing has opened any new chapter in my life and rekindled the teaching soul within. Yet, I finally feel zing of being a teacher and it feels so dear to me. A busy bee, indeed. Personally, this is the best school-attachment yet. Alhamdulillah   

What is memorable on the last day is that never in my wildest dream have I thought that a student would shed tears when she gets to know that we are no longer here when school commences after the holiday. I almost burst into tears but my manly manliness manages to hold back the sober. It touches me in the pit of my stomach, in the crown of head, and most prominently in the corner of my heart that this student is coming from the class that I have been yelling at especially when their behaviour infuriates and irks me. But they touch the part of mine that cares the most, my heart. It melts like melting butter on hot warm toast. Thanks kiddos for the memories. Obviously, people come and go, but memories made remain forever. 

Whoever says teaching is easy, they are seriously disturbed.

Say cheese! 3 Delima

Yeah...Azri is back home. Spring Holiday, she says. Meeting her for the last time before she returns to Hiroshima, Japan this coming weekend. Safe journey gal! Stay golden yeah.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Coming of Age

As Salam

Wake up in the morning, as usual. But I know this date is very special for that on this very date, I was born and able to see this world. Get myself ready and drive myself away to school. Kids are patiently waiting for me in the class. I start teaching and things deem to be so normal, nothing unusual or extraordinary. It seems to be that no one knows today is the day. Great, I'm glad because I always want it to be that way, surreptitious, incognito, anonymous to almost everyone and unnoticeable.

Just another day and another year. A day that I spend most of it thanking Him for giving me this life and the chance to have such lovely people around me. Not that I'm expecting anything like a string-quartet, confetti, fireworks, or drum roll on this special day, I actually abhor to remind myself that I am now a year older. Birthday freaks me gets me to think of ageing, wrinkles and so many things. But nay, no one can avoid getting old because it's rite of passage. When the time has come, no one can run away.

Whatever it is, Alhamdulillah is all I can say for being given another year to edify and improve myself, there are abundance of sins needed to be cleansed. Many thanks go to my dearest parents, Ma and Abah for that without them I am not where I am right now, Ma used to be pain in so much pain between life and death just to conceive me and Abah works so hard until now just to provide me and the rest of us comfort, shelter and security. Their unceasing love is something that I can hold on to for the rest of my life. Parents show us right from wrong, and we are going to be strong. Mum and Dad, I owe you both so much.

Praise to be upon Him for the best gift ever that is to be born as a Muslim and I need to take a good care of it because this heart and soul of mine are so fragile and weak, vulnerable to any threats and defenseless. To those who blow me wishes, dua and what not...thank heaps and if only I can duplicate myself, I would have done it in the first place to go to each and everyone of you to personally thank and wish you the very best of luck. I am looking very most forward what 21 number has to offer for me, getting married maybe? (giddy mood. LOL), may it be good and blessed, Aminn.

As the coming of age, I hope my presence would benefit other people around me because life is meaningless and pointless if we do not share what we have, what we know with other people. The knowledge we know may not mount up by itself, remember that.

This lad is no longer a lad, he's now an adult. Treat him the way it is supposed to be. 

Stay golden, brothers and sisters! 



Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Raise our hands and make dua. :)

As Salam

Problem in life is a must. When it hits you, we get suffocated and almost asphyxiated to death. And when it hits you to the core that you find it hard to fight it back,and when no one couldn't be bothered with your problem. Is anyone even listening to your grief and plead while providing you with help? The truth is no one...even the closest to you have no idea what to do.

If that is so, worry not dear brothers and sisters, we always have Allah, the most powerful and gracious who has always been there since to listen to our every fear, to witness our every tears, to comfort the resentment rested heavily in our heart, to sooth away the pain in a second, to guide our way, to show us the escape and the list just goes on and on. But the question is what have we done to show our unceasing loyalty to Him and to pay Him in return after all the things He has bellowed upon us? 

It is not only in the time of pain and trouble that we only seek for his help and mercy. Dear all, always submit ourselves to Him, the most forgiving and merciful before He takes the time out of ourselves. It is never too late to pray...because He always listens...listens and keeps listening. Confer your problem and trouble to Him because the problem seems to be a lot smaller and easier than we have thought when we have Allah.

Ya Allah, bless and forgive us all. Aminn


Monday, 18 March 2013

Last Class

As Salam

Alhamdulillah. All is well by far and things couldn't be anymore awesome, including my school attachment at SK PNZ. Two days have passed and three more days to go, and the best is yet to come.

Teaching Unplugged

Teaching the last class has always been a colossal dilemma and labyrinth for an amateur teacher like me, and we try our writs and grits avoiding teaching the last class. By that I mean, innuendos are attached to anything about the last class - hopeless, stupid and any other negative comments that one can come out with. Honestly, I used to have that kind of stereotype in my mind. Yet, the truth is they are not stupid nor hopeless. At the very first day of my school attachment at this new school, I discover that they are just as talented and bright as the valedictorian pupils in the first class in a sense that they channel out their curiosity into something called depraved behaviour. It is just that the thing teacher does in the class is not much helping them to invigorate and ameliorate their skills, and  what matters most is compelling their interest to learn and understand. Play and learn, however this concept is not being preached in our education.  

If a teacher can make the most out of the behaviour they have shown, I think it will be no surprise that one day they will be the brightest stars in the night sky...beating the rest...hovering the black pitch vale of horizon with their effulgent light. 

I know walking the talk is hardest part of all, that's why to make a change, one needs to glean their courage to take the first step ever. Let's make a little change around, bit by bit, and in sha Allah, wonders will happen.


#looking very most forward to my first macroteaching with real school students this coming thursday. Ya Allah, please ease and bless our undertaking. Aminn.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Those Lilacs

Because we are survivor

We are wild lilacs
Tends us
Feeds us
Encourages us
Waters us

In any way
In every spring
We still fight the yard
Find the light
Keep blossoming
Colour the garden

And rise to the challenge
Because we are survivor



As Salam and peace be upon everyone.

Even the mightiest lion does not attack the giant elephant.

Why is that?

Abhor nobody

The lion knows that he is no competition to the elephant in term of size and strength.The chance of lion winning is slim and flimsy. But, there is more important thing here than just a lion story. Behind all of this fable lies a great issue for each and everyone of us to ponder, knowing our limitation. Someone says to me it defines us as much as our talent. Paused. 

I am tongue-tied, but I know there is something wrong about it deep in the corner of my heart. I get the hunch that this matter is debatable. I further few more thought provoking questions which are non rhetorical, if this is all what you want to say, why you always keep feeding us with the line, nothing is impossible when in fact the real mission of yours is just to teach us to give up upon life which would clearly make your point plausible? So is crushing people dreams always being your ultimate orgasm of sheer happiness? 

Now riddle me this, along the course of your study, is there not any subject or theory that baffles you? Did you run from it or you work so hard to solve the problem because you know the answer is somewhere in your brain because this is something to die for that you really want this in your life for all you can remember. Be it at the very beginning of a race or almost at the finishing line, the problem evokes, either way, one needs to know how to buck up and finish the race at all means which makes a real champion.

So stop it in the name of love and God. It is a hideous act. Another thing is stop judging without seeing. Like people always say, seeing is believing, don't make a judgment if you don't see it yourself, double whammy maybe and don't simply throwing slander and making speculations when you have no idea at all what is really happening. Well then...have a little faith in people because you might be surprised at how wonderful they can be and change the way you see things, see things from many angles then you will get many interpretations how things really are.


See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil, Touch no evil
As simple as that