Sunday, 4 May 2014

4 Waja

I possibly cannot believe the fact that my tenure at this school, SK Padang Keria as a practicum teacher, teaching year 4 English is finally over for good. After a month being here, deep inside my heart, how hard I wish time has moved slower so that I could savour more good times with my pupils and school community, to get to know all of them better.

The last day was resplendent with tears and poignancy. It is just difficult to finally bid farewell to those people, especially my pupils after a month, a short time have we spent together through good and bad times. Thank you for giving me that little chance to experience this moment. So sorry for all the weaknesses and the emotional rage on my side. I just did what I deemed I should do as a teacher. I heart you guys and surely will be going to miss you all dearly. 

We shall say no goodbye, till we meet again. May all of you be putra putri yang soleh dan solehah. All the very best. ;')

I just miss that strange look you guys always give whenever I give instruction in English. Kinda cute.