I just want to fly

As Salam and nice to meet you!

Yes, it's me, Arsyad Muhamad, an early 20s bloke from Besut. Currently read Bachelor of Teaching (Teaching of English as a Second Language). Having trouble still to put words to make sense at the drop of a hat. Note that I am extrovert by nature, but introvert by situations.

I am a horribly late bloomer. It was only after high school that I discovered this coolest thing. From then on, I realise that my views, opinions, feelings and thoughts matter most. Also blog for leisure because everybody talks about it since, and so I don't want to be left out. But now that I've learnt to be honest, I could write for hours on end of what I feel as long as it comes from the place where it cares the most, the heart, and discovering and staying true to myself has been immensely fulfilling and rewarding.

Unlike any other guys who prefer football and all, I like to be taken away by good books, to take a stroll in a park full of blossoming flowers, and a long walk on the beach. I also love to be whisked away on a whim to great places around the world. Anyway, I enjoy being stalked, so make yourself comfortable here.

Have a great day!

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