Wednesday, 30 January 2013


I discover that it is truly in giving that we receive...and the joy and abundance I seek grows out of the giving. Whatever you get in return, nothing could beat the pure bliss you attained when giving. 

Such a great feeling that is to help someone undergoing his/her dark time. Helping others doesn't cost much. A great combination of sincere heart and helping hands would do the trick. 

Have it in mind that whatever things we have now is ephemeral - merely a rent from Him. Why not take the step to play your part in sharing and giving out whatever you can to those in dire need? Never too late to realize and recognize the importance of creating and contributing rather than obtaining and  accumulating.

Thanks heaps Mdm. Kris. Wishing you the best in your master thesis writing and defense. Can't wait to have you back in harness.

And I give thanks for the simple things I have been blessed with.


# here comes the assignments without being welcomed. they are, as always the pain in the arse, really. what's to say...without them life as a student wouldn't be meaningful and complete - a complete lack of allure to hit the books or etc. plus, isn't the primary and core duty of a student coming here to learn instead of getting laid, fooling around or hitting the sack?

# tired listening to negative people around me who couldn't be anymore positive about this life whining incessantly about what a better life would be if this...that...and etc. come on...grow up! there must be something good about it...or you just don't want to see it neither accept the fact, not that i have anything or vengeance against this people. 

# thankful enough...there is a good news about our allowance - the only stipend that all of us depend on to survive till the end of every semester or the only grease that makes anything we plan smoother. will be in sooner, in sha Allah. suffice it to say, everyone is keyed up and looking very most forward to it. wallet is getting thinner and current financial account is in insurgency state.

# stay golden folks!

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Time has always been my greatest enemy, a mocking spectator, a laughing peasant, a fleeting shadow. Almost everywhere I go, Time would chuckle at my back, taking delight in my misfortune.

Time comes in many forms: the ticking needle of a clock, the persistent rings of the school bell, the shrill calls of disaster, or the door slamming in my face. 

In my ignorance, I used to wish that Time would hurry by, for I had grown weary of catching up with Time. 

Past is the past. Get over it and moving on. It doesn't matter how slowly you go.

So long as you do not stop, chin up!


‎"Don't despair over the events of the past for none of the events of the dunya were ever meant to remain." As Shafeei

*stop pleasing others. do things that make your life happier than before even if they costed your sanity. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Wordless Wednesday

2012. Community Service Program at Asrama Yayasan Saad. TESL D

Start together. End together. Just the way it should be.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sensitive Sunday

I just love reading. Not merely love, but in love with it. Turning head over heels on it, there I say it. I read books with the curiosity of a reader. I want to know what happens next. I want to explore and indulge in the character and the conflict. I love the thrill of reading and also the warm feeling I get when reading a good book. Having a book in my hands fills me with happiness and elation I cannot describe.

I, too enamor the smell of books which leaves me breathless. Don't you feel the same? My heart beams with joy when I am in a good book store like a kid in a candy store. Can't just take my eyes off everything. Enough with reading. I think I say too much about my covet towards reading. Lame. 

When you read, you gain. A simple concept, indeed. This one book that I reread over and over again opens up my mind. I stumble upon this titillating thing when reading an essay, a story to be exact about time - Things to Stay Away From Unless You Want to be Stupid and Die Early. Bam! What an eye-opener. The title itself just elucidates everything. :D 

Unless you want to be an imbecile, you may infringe the list. He-he

*savoring every second of my time in the TSL 3106 lecture: Teaching Reading and Vocabulary in the primary ESL classroom.       

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Why not globetrotter when you still have the strength and chance?

Ever wonder how far have we walked on this earth? 
Ever count the steps we have undertaken?
Ever come to our common sense and realization if this road was the journey we have always wanted to roam?
Ever think the journey we embark on will bring us to the thing we always fear with the most?
Ever overanalyse how much our presence has impacted the things around us?
Ever comprehend why we keep on walking when in fact at some point of this odyssey, we realize that turning back is as hard as moving on?
Ever question why some people who used to stay by our sides taking this journey together stumble in the middle of this voyage?

*would like to wish a friend of mine who is so dear to me...close and best friend indeed. great knowing you since, dude. Happy Birthday. May you have a wonderful life ahead, full of happiness and his blessing.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Why Me?

If people ever thought choosing me to be their leader was a great decision, perhaps they are waiting for an Armageddon to happen. This happens to me recently. As much as I want to refuse the offer, I must consider the trust that has been put on my shoulders and the kindness of my mentor who is willing to fork out some money to pay the advanced payment for the nomination, an investment for me to be elected (No way!). Guilt taunts me if I did not answer the call.   

Couldn’t help myself but to curse under my nose the moment I know this thing (not by any means cussing anyone here). I mean, do you not have anyone more capable and eligible to do this thing? Ha-ha. I try so hard to find the x-factors in me that they decide to put up my name. But to no avail, I found none. The bottom line is what do I know about leadership? What does this whole election thing mean? Is my leadership skill good enough? Truthfully, the fact is my leadership skill is nothing to be proud of. My experience in leading people is mediocre and hardly makes it into the resume.     

I am not fancy the idea of being the spotlight and centre of attraction. I used to enamour those idea back then in high school…but now I just hate it and it seems to be the cheapskate way to gain popularity. Ever since I study here, I love staying out of the radar, being anonymous, unknown and mysterious to the opposite or same gender. If google earth is a girl, she couldn’t find me if I dressed up as a ten-storey building, I think I aggrandize too much. Yeah, not privy to any adolescent drama and scenes happen around. Couldn’t care less about anything if it did not involve me.

The whole class knows that I am in a mess which means unorganized, coming to class looking haggard. Do not even possess a strong personality of a leader. Just because I am a bit of a chattering box doesn't mean I am good at leading…if that is the pointer, perhaps you could choose the entire campus because everyone love talking. Do they not? If they ever thought I could stand up for their right and say on their behalf, perhaps they should have gone to sleep and keep dreaming. I can’t. I would make a bad leader, trust me.

Another thing is my parents used to pester me about being too active in curricular activities that I easily get distracted from my core business, study. I salvage a lot to be and stay here. Staying in the system is not anyway a walk in the park. It comes with a price hence you need to pay to get the best of this world. With that in mind, I forsake most of the things I love to do back then during high school years. I quit debating since. I quit joining extra curricular activities just because I want to focus on my study and excel in this course. See yourself, how pathetic I am. So I won’t let that happen again here.

After all, I don’t think I would ever stack up against other nominees. Ha-ha. My chance to be selected is slim and microscopic. Don’t even put a hope to get through the final list. Let alone the big brash braggarts make their ways to the podium. To reiterate, whether I kill or blow it, it doesn’t matter. I’m just going to give a shot for the sake of the trust being put on me. Don’t ever vote for me…or else you will have a nightmare, really.

Love cloud. Nice, isn't it?

*have yet to figure out the manifesto. Haiz...  

Thursday, 3 January 2013


2012, done! Told you the Mayans were dead wrong about the apocalypse and judgment day. Guess we should have a string quartet to entertain us with a song to celebrate the opportunity to live for another year. Ha-ha. Let alone their prediction.

As another year draws upon us…it gets us closer to the end of this world that’s yet to be known and specifically death. Face it…death is getting closer as we age and it is so dear and close to us that we don’t even realize its existence. None of us can avoid death, in fact. So live your life to the fullest while you can and of course following the order from Him…obeying His every command.

Positive. Setiap KESABARAN akan digantikan dengan KEMENANGAN.
The road of 2013 is long way to go, still. There are countless twists and turns yet to be undertaken. For the very beginning, everything is a smooth sailing. Alhamdulillah. Enroll myself in the second year of degree which means I’m now getting closer to be a real English Language Teacher. I still have doubt if I would ever make a good teacher. Well…let’s us pray that the zestful passion shrouds my teaching soul very soon. Ameen.

There are few resolutions that I have in my mind. Let me keep it to myself what they are. Hope I would have much time, commitment, money and energy to make it up to all of them. In sha Allah. Also have to foresee what 2013 has to offer for me. However, the best part ever is I wonder where will 2013 take me to? *grinning 

Good day everyone!