Thursday, 26 May 2011



I'm going home tomorrow! I am so euphoric that I could not stop jumping and jumping and smiling and smiling as if I am a gymnast, I would do several back flips to release this flattering feeling! Lucky, I am not a gymnast, I wonder if I am one, what kind of gymnast I would be? I to exaggerating? So not me...pfft...


*drum roll*...aha..this is it..this is the book that I have been searching last week. Oh you know where did I found this book? Let me just keep it as a secret. I get this booklet in the early of semester one..I repeat, semester one...can you imagine how dusty the book is? here the main point is...It tells you everything that you want to know about PPISMP TESL course that you will be doing for three semester. Hereby I enclosed with the pictures of its content. Let the picture explains the whole information...Have a pleasant viewing! These will give clear picture..

p/s: blur? small? Click on the picture for clear view!

Monday, 23 May 2011


There had been some juniors from my former high school asking me about what on earth PPISMP TESL course is. OMG! I was not going to blame them for the lack-of-information about teaching course as teaching career was not as popular as doctor, engineer and dentist, not as famous as being an actor, actresses or singer, but this career was very noble in every way. Shot me if I was wrong, yet this is the universal truth that you all cannot defy and deny in every sense and way.

Enough with little rambling let us move on to the main crux of this post. I was not by any mean an expert in educational field, but I did comprehend the real name of PPISMP TESL as I was particularly in its shoe at the moment. PPISMP TESL stood for Program Persediaan Ijazah Sarjana Muda PERGURUAN TESL. In your sense, why do you think I capitalise the word PERGURUAN previously? I had to admit that I purposely did as I wanted to comprehend to you people that when you decided to be in IPG, your degree would be IJAZAH PERGURUAN not IJAZAH PENDIDIKAN like most of you think. Understood? Satisfied? Moving on, you will be doing foundation year for three semesters that is equivalent to one and half year. Such a long period, isn’t? But trust me, it won’t be long, blink on and off, you finally realise that you are in the final semester of foundation year which at the end of the day, you will be seating for final exam.

Done with the introduction, let’s proceed to our focal point today. Here goes the course outline:

Compulsory subjects:
Language description: everything about grammar
Language development: everything to do with writing and speaking and listening.
English studies: all about literature.
Social studies: as it entitles itself, you will learn everything that lies under the sun including culture, geography, society, communication, gender, sex, education and etc. Such an interesting subject you know. The more you learn the more things you don’t know.

Complimentary subjects:
Semester 1:
Emotional intelligence, Critical thinking, study skills, basic mathematics, gerko.
Semester 2:
Physical education, Islamic education, basic mathematics, gerko.
Semester 3:
To be updated soon...

As a teslian, dictionary is always your best buddy. Bring along the best dictionary that you can find. I suggest you to buy oxford (noted that it isn’t oxford fajar ok), longman, and macmillan. Other dictionary is good as well. But what I have suggested is more preferable. For the reference book, I would suggest you to go and buy books such as oxford grammar, and longman grammar book because these two are very easy to understand and complete.(never assume that I force you to buy the book, it’s just a suggestion only). Before that, I may be too early to tell you this, but it is better for me to blurt it all out now, as you are still on holiday, take some time and learn about APA system, why? Because in whatever assignments you do, you need to cite the source, so here in IPG, we use APA system. It’s not a waste too learn now. I, myself, take some time to learn how to cite the source.

Above all, wish you the best of luck future teachers!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Random post

Sorry, I had been abandoning my blog for quite some time.

As I was carried away by assignments and projects, I could not spare some time to hit the keyboard and start blogging. What a lame reason anyway!

But nevertheless, I finally managed to clear off the assignments that had been piling up to a mountain yesterday. Here, I wished to pronounce that I was free from assignments now! The coursework mood was deactivated by yesterday. I had got nothing to do other than counting the days to go home. The semester break was just around the corner. Mean to say, I was coming to the end of semester two. What a tiring-yet-enjoyable semester I had ever had! Ending of semester two opened me up to the new beginning of semester three. I told myself that I had to double or triple my effort and work for the next semester as I would be facing my final exam of foundation years. I was quite nervous to say the least. If I passed this test (Insyallah), I would be pursuing my studies in B.Ed TESL, but what if I f**l (Nauzubillah)? What was I going to do? What was to be done? Enough! Think positive, ash...this was not you! You can do it, do the best, try the best, be the best and leave the rest...Well said, I had to study hard and work hard, and leave it to HIM to decide as I had done my part and tried my best.

Whatever it was, wish me the best of luck!

P/S: Besut, here I come!  

Monday, 9 May 2011

How unique people are

I'm not yet even half of my way to the zenith that I dream.


After going on my life-changing journey,

That is full of tests, predicaments, and challenges.

A battle between remarkable hope and complete despair,

An Armageddon of emotional conflict versus natural instinct,

I now realise I don't want what I thought I wanted.

What I really wanted was inside me all along.

I just want to be who I am.

What I really am inside that makes me special and unique in my own way.

I am who I am

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Unconditional forgive

Sorry seems to be the hardest word to say. Do we still remember this lyric? Good. So, do you guys agree with what the line says? Well done. I have to admit the fact that as human we are naturally made to hardly mutter the word “sorry”. Just because we never realise our mistakes, so we try to believe that we have never done or committed any disgrace to anybody. Oh darn. As human, we are unable to trace our own ignorance and wrongdoing. That is why we need others to advice us and warn us for whatever things we have done. As always, the reason is that other people can see clearly other people mistake, flaw and wrongdoing. If I were to list out other people mistake, I bet you that I may need tons of jotters. But, I will never do that because I know who I am to judge. I am not good at judgemental. Yet, that doesn’t mean we cannot correct other people mistake. Somehow, to correct other people mistake is to know our mistake either. So, I really like the way people correct others mistake with gracefulness and politeness. Isn't that awesome!

Sorry everyone for every mistake that I have done...I’m just a normal human who is full of flaw.