Sunday, 22 April 2012

Welcome to the Family

Last Sunday, I was aired by good news from my eldest brother. His wife safely conceived a baby and the baby is a boy.  Alhamdulilah was all I can say. The baby boy will be the latest addition to Muhamad’s family.  

Having been blessed with two nephews before is a joy that I could not ask for more. They are now becoming the place to tease and play with. Their giggles and tears are the things that I yearn to hear every time all of us returned to home.

Again, I congratulate my eldest brother and his wife for being blessed with a baby boy. :)


Abang - Danish

Tadaa! Here's Darwisy

Zharif and Danish

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Weekend Escapade

Long time no story. Have been away from blogging world for quite sometimes and I crave to cry my heart out.

The tussle of assignment is over and now is the time to savour the rest of the semester with merriment and excitement.

Cut it short. Again, I went to Penang to enjoy the time with the guys. It had been quite sometimes we; the guys had not gone for a trip. The last time we did was last year. And now is the time for us to rock and roll.

To be frank, this is the second time I went to Penang, but I would never have enough of Penang. Many more things are awaiting to be discovered.

There are 4 of us; me, Faiz, Messy, and Aiman. However, Aiman went back to his hometown the next day for good, leaving only 3 of us to discover the undiscovered of Penang.

Not to forget, the main crux of our trip was to purchase the book vouchers that we had just received. A bundle of books had I bought. We really had a good time together. The time we had was the moment that we would cherish and remember forever.

Enjoy the pics!  

Membaca amalan mulia

The host: Faiz


Padang Kota

The Troop
Historical Site

Dinosaur's Attack

DinoTrek Scavenger Hunt

Nice to meet you, Mr.Dino
Great weekend, and great company! Lovely family of Faiz. I could never thank them enough for that they allow me to stay at their house. Looking forward for the next trip.

The time to sit back and play fool is over. Now is the times to jerk back into reality and get focused on my studies. Since the tests and final exam are yet to come, I must hit the book now. Till then, have a lovely and wonderful days ahead!