Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Health: Stay Fit and Invigorating

Warning! This is quite a lengthy post. If you don't feel like reading long composition, do not hesitate to log out from this page or simply ignore this post. :D
Keeping yourself healthy is not an easy task. I have no doubt that health is one of the pivotal elements of the fundamentals of living. But as we grow up, often, most of us neglect our health from day to day. At the end of the day, we will suffer from various ailments that have no cure. Always, lack of time, work load, and life commitment are the reasons that shirk us away from giving ourselves a breather to do something beneficial for our health. Simply, we are always told what to do to stay healthy, but little did we know how to do it. Coming to this notion, what should we do to keep ourselves healthy?

We must come to a realisation that one of the ways to stay healthy is to stay fit. The word fit itself explains the whole thing about fitness. We must take care of our fitness. Yet, it comes to the question of what we should do to stay healthy. When talking about staying fit, it has something to do about our exercise regularity. Second, we must get ourselves involved in sports. We should not exert ourselves to do difficult and hard activities like weightlifting or playing rugby, only a brisk walk around the park will do to stay fit. In return, it makes our body and our heart stronger whilst helping us to reduce our stress. Plus, an interesting fact to highlight here is that when we exercise, our body produces chemicals that make us feel happy. Is not this what we want? As a result, we can avoid such diseases like heart diseases and obesity which are the main “killer” among Malaysians. 

Ever wondered how does what you eat affect your life? As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Yes. Our foods determine our level of health. If we eat something nutritious and good-for-us, it will benefit our health a lot. However, the story will be totally different if we eat unhealthy food. Now we should know that eating right is one of the steps to stay healthy. To eat right is to consume healthy food like vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates. Another thing is to have a balanced diet in the intake of our foods, such as more vegetables than meat. Henceforth, eating healthily will give our body the nutrients to have energy, stay healthy, and fight disease. It helps to keep us at a desirable weight so that we do not have to undergo extreme diet to have a slim figure. Also, it makes us feel good that we pride ourselves of our healthy body and how we look.

 Overwhelmed by the fact that stress gives a bad impact on our health, we need to manage our stress to stay healthy. When we are under stress, our mind become haywire and everything we do is not right in our eyes. It makes us feel down and we get gloomy. The point is, stress is really damaging for our health. It leads to depression and in serious aftermath, it can cause suicide case. See how deleterious the stress can be for us. Upon saying this, we should question ourselves how we fight the stress when it runs our life. To manage our stress is to find ways to relax and do something we enjoy. Remember, we have to live our lives in a way that we do things that we love and venture life from other perspectives. The relief of talking to your family and friends about your problems and conflicts can also be a way to reduce stress. For this reason, it makes us feel happy, happier and most importantly; it makes us healthier as result of free from stress. 

Much has been said about this, but still we lack health-awareness in our daily life. Just remember- if we do not start to stay healthy now, then we should not dream to live long, a fact that depends on our fate. At the very least, prevention is better than cure. We should not wait to realise the importance of staying healthy when we are already on our deathbed. Forget what people want to say, you determine your life and how you want it to be. If you want to have a healthy well-being, the choices are in your hands.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Padang Besar Retreat

Hi there! I am counting hours to return home. Feeling of excited, boredom, and sadness hit me at once like I am going to leave Malaysia soon which is so not true. Ha-ha. Truth be told, I am not really interested in telling y’all how I feel and what I feel about finishing my foundation years- I really hope that this preparatory years would make me assertive enough to strive in my future undertaking. Back to my main crux, yesterday, I went out again with my fellow TESLians to Big Field (Padang Besar) which was 30 minutes from my campus. There were five of us. We really had a moment together. And yesterday retreat was indeed an epic and phenomenal. Mind you, we shopped till we drop (Screw that). Enough talking, I was dismayed hitting the keyboard because I had enough with writing these few weeks that I had a serious case with my grammar allegation. Ha-ha. So darn tired today as I had been busy clearing up my room as I am leaving tomorrow afternoon. Let’s stop here and enjoice the pictures of mine.    

We were so engrossed with the ostrich. Honestly speaking, this was the first time all of us seeing ostrich. You know, Perlis also has ostrich like South Africa. Correct me if I am wrong.

New Zealand-like place = Chuping. The lord of the ring played here...I totally lied.

One of the goodies I bought. Ignore the background.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Boys Only

We were so carefree right after the examination. We had nothing to do and nothing crossed our mind. To celebrate the independence day of ours (TESLians), we went out last night to devour western cuisine in Arau. We had a really good moment together. Come to think of the lamb chop that we ate, as a student, the price was so reasonable and I think everybody can afford it. This restaurant which I obviously could not remember its name must be included in the list of where-to-eat, or what-to-eat when you come here to Perthlis. 

The diner planner, I meant MessySerabut was the one who suggested here. Really worth the penny!

Awesome. And Scrumptious!

Just in case you did not know about this, I found myself in a difficult and hard time answering the English Studies which was about literature that day, I meant on Monday. I really screwed up the paper. :(

What she said was totally true...I, too wander who was responsible to set those question.

Checkmate! It's over.

Just now, the final paper of my final examination, social studies that I barely feel satiated with the answer I have written marks the end of my TESL preparatory years or so-called PPISMP TESL. I am officially finished and done with my foundation years and my journey as a freshman student.

Above all, the examination is as difficult as it is supposed to be. I guess I have given my best and all out though the fact that I should have done and could do better than that. However, like I have said, let bygone be bygone and what is done cannot be undone. Let not worry about the past. Now I leave the rest to HIM to decide what is the best for me. I pray hard that I would nail off into TESL degree. I still have few days before returning home. What is next, see you around next year as B.Ed TESL student!

Wish you guys the very best of luck! My very best wishes are always with you! TESL D!
Next year will be dealing a lot of challenges that I need to double or may be tripled my effort.

Checked! :D

p/s: will go for several retreats before returning home. :D

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Exam Fever

Alhamdulilah. I thanked Him so much for that I am still alive, survive and kicking to continue my virtue. As of now, everything went well despite of the fact that I should have done better. But, what is done cannot be undone. Finally, the thing that I have been waiting for so long has come. I am done with two papers and last two coming up next week. You know, this week and next week will be weeks of sort for me. I am really caught up with examination. I am in dire need to hit the books because the last two papers involved a lot of reading. Exam really drains my vehement and spirit to hit the keyboard. I am currently addicted to reading and revising, and books have become my drugs. 

Unbeknownst to me how fast the time travels, all I know is next week, my cohort and I will face the final obstructions that barricade us from heralding our wings into degree level; English Studies and Social Studies. I could not help myself but realised that everything must come to an end and so our preparatory years.  Again, time tricks us all. Hopefully, these preparatory years make us assertive and strong enough to face the challenges ahead when we embark on our feet into TESL degree. I pray hard for all 105 of us will do B. Ed TESL next year. Break the leg!

Cohort 2 Cycle 3 are always together!

TESL power! Roar!

Gather up all your power and strength to combat with the final two battles!

Keep holding on because I know we will make it through!

Keep believing in yourself – the most potent weapon you have!  

My best wishes are always with you all.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Could someone be so powerful enough that you gather up all your courage and braveness to simply immortalize the past memories between you and someone that ironically, it takes you years to get over it?

 Yeah, sometimes people can have a big influence on you, therefore it takes you some times to think back of what you had and what you had done in the past. These set yourself some limits, so that you would not go over the line when you take action and be wise in making decision. Simply, it becomes the guidelines for you in conducting your life and makes you be careful in taking steps and chances. At times, we need to think thoroughly about the chances that lays in front us. Think deep and give a thought about it would help you to visualize what would happen in the future if you are to take this chance. 

Come to speak of the people just now, I am not by any means saying that they are those who are bad or in the same way, but maybe they are those who make you up what you are today, and they are those when in the midst of all the darkness and despair, there, they come like superman, of course in their own way, and help you out when you are in need, make you smile the whole day. To say the least, you have never had to erase your past memories that you spare a moment with someone because, in all this sanity, there will come a times when you have to look back to your past even if it means you have to swallow your pride and go hand in hand with your rival which is your own sense of insecurity. That is why if we are to jot down what we have had in our life, I guess a blog is not sufficient. Upon saying this, the set boundaries must not be the limits for you to move on in life. You should take this as a guideline for you to make up good choices for the betterment of your life. 

No matter how hard we try to forget what we have experienced, there will come to a point in  our life that we have to reap them back while we say, "Oh, I have done this."