Thursday, 5 January 2012

How I cope

It feels awkward to get my fingers adjusted to the nature of keyboard. It has been quite sometimes haven’t I hit the keyboard to blog. Abandoning my blog is always my forte. I have a good time of my holiday. So many good things happened to me that I never let it slipped through my fingers.

What’s up anyway? Farewell is finally bidden to 2011 and I warmly welcome 2012 to my life. In essence, 2011 brought me into countless ups and downs and to know myself better. Well, I am now pretty sure of what I have been looking for in my life and that is going to be the divine spirit to keep myself motivated in pursuing and chasing my dreams. I am looking forward what 2012 has for me.  

Spending my time in KL

Sending off my cousin to York, UK. I'll keep your advice.

Spending time with family is no match to other things. Have a whale of time!

2012 marks the year of me becoming an undergraduate freshman in my first year of Bachelor of Teaching (TESL). I have been looking forward for this thing ever since I was doing my preparatory years. Getting myself adapted to the degree is pretty challenging. Things are getting harder and most important; I must double or maybe tripled my effort to make sure I keep myself up with my studies. As a beginning of the year, I love how the life of freshman is like and how the atmosphere of my study is changing gradually.

That’s all for now. Have a lovely weekend!



fine rambut anak sedara kau lagi style dari kau. suka aku tgk.. saloon mana ekk???

Ash Muhamad said...

meh ak tulun buat kat hang..spesel punya! ha3 :P