Sunday, 10 June 2012

What to expect when you are expecting your final exam result

So true

None other than nothing is all I can say. Just keep hoping and praying hard. You know, praying does work well in this occasion.

Do not mess up your mind thinking how much grade you will attain...what if I didn’t do well...will my target come to be real...and so on. However do not get too cocky as well. Just be cool and relax. All your hard work will be paid off.

I had this nightmare where I came to know that my coming result is not showing a good sign. So what I do is to believe that it is just a dream. Of course, I am really hoping it would be the opposite of what I had dreamt.

But believe me, In Sha Allah...He will bellow upon you what is the best for you, not what you really want. So be ready and prepared mentally. Just redha with the fate that has been installed for us. Stay positive.

*the least you can do is you take yourself to a nearby beach and scream your heart and sorrow out loud. Do not get carried away by those feelings. 

In Sha Allah


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

assalamualaikum. :)
hai arsyad!
really long time no tego tego.
hehe. didn't ur shoutbox.
so dropping a comment here.

oh result in coming eh?
all the best!
Allah bagi ape yg terbaik, seiring dgn usaha kita. :)

Arsyad Muhamad said...

walaikumussalam cik ada.
yeah..guess had even elephant in my stomach now.
thanks heaps.
cuti ek?
no idea whats happening to my shoutbox..just care less about it