Sunday, 1 July 2012



So here goes my latest post in the midst of getting a new vehement of new semester. I just started with new semester. Luckily, I got through last semester, Alhamdulillah. He still gives another opportunity to study here.

Okay. Let’s talk about last mid-year holiday. Mine was pretty enjoyable though I spent most of time at home watching telly and reading some books. However, there were few things that I did that I would be missing them very much whenever I was away from home.

Enough chanting and rambling, let’s start counting:

1) Azure blue water and white sandy beach of Bukit Keluang.

Whenever I feel bored and apathetic, I went to this place to let off my steams. It is just minutes away from my house.

2) Boutique.

Before going home, I listed several possible jobs that I could do to stuff my pocket fat. However, as always, the temptation of lazing around is stronger than the urge of getting my ass up to work. But then again, sometimes, I did help my cousin at her boutique, doing some simple errands. Great job to kill time.

3) Water-splash at Lata Belatan.

What can I say...this spot is my favourite place ever. Its beauty is beyond compared. Sure I'm going to miss this place. *Did I not make a lovely father in that picture? :P
 Here we go again. So these are the things that miss a lot when I think of home. Lovely days ahead, folks!

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