Tuesday, 12 February 2013

CNY Break

Long days, no post. Yeap...pretty caught up with holidays. Trying my very best to escape from surreal world of internet to find the real peace and serenity. I think I can just manage without internet. Life must go on anyway. 

With tons of assignment coming in, I'm flipping fatigue and famished, enervating and draining my spirit and zest. Too many works to be done, too little time to spare. Assignments and tasks, as always are the pains in the arse. Like it or not...you can't avoid as a student...but you just need to let it ride. 

Few more days to go before I'm back to my normal life. Going to gallop myself away to the tick of time just to ensure that I have enough rest this break. Anyway...someone has sparked fireworks and confetti deep in my heart. Just another feeling dropping by, I guess. *not by any means we have moved on to the next stage...don't even know her name, what more her phone number. Just know who her mom is and where she lives. Pathetic much? Ha-ha


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