Friday, 30 August 2013

Alive and Kicking

As Salam

Long time have I not scribbled something in here. The past weeks have been quite a week...even to scroll down the dashboard to see the updates I hardly do, what more to write anything lengthy. Not that I have nothing to jot down just that laziness hits me to the rock bottom so it, really is my mistake for letting myself being lackadaisical. Plus, I've been a busy bee back in the days, with little or no break in between until everything bottles up to a point of total meltdown. Even so, this blog has always had a place in the corner of my heart. Now that I'm back on my just bear with me and what I'm going to rant.

Done with my last school attachment. great company, i've ever had. big things are ahead of me next semester, one of them is full practicum.

Know it all too well that we are all still in the raya mood and the thing I'm gonna talk is slightly off the topic, yet it is what people of my age are excited about or at least, thinking about it somewhere in the back of their mind. And marriage, it is. But first, taking this chance to congratulate my very very very best friend who's going to walk down the aisle very soon, in sha Allah. At first, all surprised, but excited to know that you've finally found the one you always dream of and we all couldn't be anymore happier for you. Back in the day of pure and unadultered teenagehood, we are more than happy to discuss about our crushes, but now, someone has taken a step forward. Somehow, it feels different, but our friendship shall remain the same. In fact, it is great to know everyone is moving on and doing very well in their life. Looking forward to the day. May Allah bless you always and everything you have planned. 

Like it is being told in every cliched Malay movies, love comes when it is least expected. So as to get marry, there's no need to rush. No point of courting anyone here and there if at the end of the day, s/he isn't meant for you. There will come the right time for you to settle down. In all fairness, let's ponder this one line that says..."Janganlah kita sibuk mencari jodoh, sebaliknya sibukkanlah diri kita mencari hidayah Allah." Have a deep thought about it...don't you think we are running out of time to really devote ourselves to Him, the one and only? So why do we disconnect our relationship with Allah and forsake everything into vain? 

I think i've said too much. Have a nice weekend! 

Let our faith stands still and strong.

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