Friday, 10 February 2012


Should have known that befriending with that particular person is such a deteriorating labyrinth. But then, I have no regret. Seriously. At least, I come to know that there is such a person on this earth, and I know your true colours which is the best part of it all. The experience we have had teaches me not to simply trust people just because they are nice with you. I start to think to reconsider our relationship and what comes to my mind is ignorance is the best weapon. Surely, you’re an unknown homophobe. Whatever.  I am not perfect, but I am not fake. 

Take note. Some of them only.

I was so stressed out yesterday that I was lackadaisical to talk to anybody. All the stress must have come from that particular person. Though I knew the fact that I should have not put all the blame and fault on her, stress still ran through my vein every time I put a thought about what was happening yesterday. Cut the crap! Yesterday, I went to cross-country practice in the evening, and apparently at night I had my literature lecture which I was scared to death beforehand due to my unfinished slides. Alhamdulillah was all I could say when I managed to finish it at the very last seconds. Too much exaggeration. See yourself how fatigue I was. Says who becoming teacher is a child’s play?  

Men are also good at shopping, we just don't brag like women do. :D

The cross-country was fun, I guessed. I just knew that the scenery behind our campus was superb and simply breathtaking. I was so lucky because it so happened that our cross-country (my best buddy, MS and I) practice was on the same day. We walked instead of running, and we were so carefree and laughing our hearts out all the way before we came to realize that we were the second last among the guys. The giddy part of it all was our brisk walk was fumbled and obstructed by the presence of dogs that forced us to stop running and could not help but to get some help. It was way horrifying and distraught when the only thing the dog did was giving us a sharp stare that could be translated as I was darn hungry and could eat you both at once. Merciful heaven, then there came our DPLI junior to become our superman. Thanks heaps!

Behind our campus >.< and I simply tell lie.

So to chill ourselves, we went out today. I have no doubt that shopping is the best remedy ever to reduce stress. I reward myself a bag. Have no idea how many bags I have so far and could not stop thinking where to put the rest of them. We went to have secret recipe as we have been craving for it like forever. Could help but to praise myself because I manage to get over my adversity in just one day. :D

Eat while you still can

p/s: Thanks Shukri for saving our day and presentation before I knew I have just scrapped it. Thanks my best buddy, MS and Aiman for simply getting my back and listening to my every whine and stupid outburst. Thanks my dearest mum for being there to listen to me when I need you; Your voice simply soothes away the pain and pressure, and I have now gained my composure.


Kayun.Zack said...
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Kayun.Zack said...

haaa so trueee, somehow shopping makes u feel better kan. hehe. cross country eh, wahhh my ipg tak dak pun. dulu2 merentas desa saja yang saya dpt sumbangkan markah pun utk rumah sukan. hat lain hancuq. hehe

Ash Muhamad said...

ha3..know what, I suck at both..seyes buta sukan..keep skipping practices. :P