Saturday, 11 February 2012

The More The Merrier

Last night was spent outside the campus. It was my first experience ever. Just so you know, I am not a nocturnal kind of person. I didn’t enamour the idea of savouring late night at the outside. But, last night was a new record which I went against the normal of me. I was so reluctant in the first place because I would have an academic writing seminar the next morning that really needed my focus and concentration. Couldn’t help myself but think of going off to bed early. However, the idea of savouring the late night popped out when my friends and I had nothing better to do. I refused as usual.

Guilt strikes me then. By force, I joined them as I had been refusing their invitation before. It turned out to be that it was awesome. Never in my life had I thought that I would simply forsake my long sleep for a night of never-ending-fun. We went to the seaside and spent most of the time talking, eating, and playing cards. The fun didn’t end there as we drove ourselves to the karaoke cube, and tried our voice. Luckily, I didn’t end up my night suffering hearing impaired. So close to be Ella, yet so far as we had heard well. Night was still young and spry and nimble before we knew it was already late. After all, we really had an immense thrill of fun, and intense pressure of elation. :D

We reached the campus around 5 a.m. I slept for two hours to regain some energy before I woke up at seven and preparing myself for the seminar. The seminar was not all dimmed and sombre though I sometimes find a hard time to swallow what the lecturers were saying as I couldn’t resist myself from yawning and drowsy eyes. Find it hard to stay awake all the way. Yet, I obtained some important information for my future action research and academic writing. 

Journey to The Top of AS Tower; The TESLian Traveller

Right after the seminar, my friends and I went out AGAIN to AS (Aloq Staq) to iron out some business. Alhamdulillah is all we could pronounce as we managed to get it done. We, then stroll around the Star Parade. Having said this, I get myself some books to occupy my leisure time with reading. Just turn head over heels on reading and travelling. Get our stomachs stuffed fat at the McDonald. Have been craving for it since. Not to forget, we managed to conquer and conquest the AS tower for the very first time. Enjoying the pristine view was undoubtedly the thing we did.  

An astronomy in the making. Stop half way when he realized he was so into teaching thingy.

Like little kids being so keyed up stumbling upon new things. Too much curiosity. HA-HA

Bird eyes view of AS

The rough wind ruthlessly shoved my hair.
New Collection. Reading brings you into another dimension.

These two days have been so wonderful for me. I just couldn’t ask for more, and couldn’t be any grateful to have friends like them. They simply “rock” and “roll” our friendship, and titanic couldn’t even sink and bury our friendship. Now I understood why God gave me pain before this because He simply bellowed upon me happiness right after. There must be a reason why things happened. Thank you Allah.


Kayun.Zack said...

heee. glad to read that u hv fun with friends. i miss aloq staq. my primary school is located there. hehe.

Ash Muhamad said...

sure am. Good friends and fun time are just double rainbows. Really? what school is yours?

Kayun.Zack said...

sk mergong. hihi. it's near to tesco mergong. but during my school time there was no tesco yet. haha.

Ash Muhamad said...

have been there, I guess. :D But surely have a friend living at mergong.


nice entry.. =)

Ash Muhamad said...

:D thanks heaps!