Wednesday, 23 May 2012


couldn't be any true. fate is fated.
The tussle and turmoil of exam is over. Glad that I have finally come to the end of my first semester of degree. Great semester with many dramas of ups and downs.

The examination had its full swing last week and this week. It couldn’t be any was tough like cracking a pistachio nut. I guess I deserve a pizza or anything scrumptious to sooth the resentment that rests heavily in my heart.

Alhamdulilah is all I can say. I manage to answer all the question. Leaving blank space is so not me. I have tried my best. No use of recalling the past because that is that. I could never be able to turn the clock or whatsoever it is. 

All I want to do is to pray to God that He would bellow upon me what is the best for me. Just hope I nail off all the paper. All I wanted is I pass all the papers and will be able to savour another seven semesters here at this place. If I were happened to get distinction, that would be a credit.

I know myself too well. I know my effort and I know my capability. Sometimes, I do well. But many times, I just screw up to the core. Enough whining. 

I just hate examination darn much. You see, at this time of the semester, you experience many things that make you think of your future. Just so many things cross by my mind. What if I screw up? What if I didn’t get what I want? What would parents feel? What if this...and what if that. Too many of what if.

I just hate to think that I didn’t do all out in my study. I play a lot. I do work at the last minute. And I learn my lesson. If these would be a test for me from God, I hope my strength would be strong enough to endure all of these. InsyAllah.

Enough sadness, let’s see what the future holds for me. I have there weeks of semester break before starting afresh and anew in the second semester. Love holiday so tight. I am going home very soon. I'm leaving this friday. Night flight.

I'm coming home. Tell the world I'm coming home. Nearby beach.

However, am still thinking of what I want to do at home. Reading books is for sure. What else can I do without having to fork out money? What am I good at? First, teaching English (extremely loaxing). Second, spend the rest of the semester in front of the talking cube (tv) watching my all time favourite cartoon. 

That would be a perfect idea of how I spend my holiday. Thinking of getting a job to stuff my pocket fat. Still searching for any job vacancies. 
hey little munchkin..hope to see you at home.

Last but not the least, I pray hard that I pass my final with flying rainbows colours. Happy Holiday fellow Teslians.  

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