Sunday, 13 May 2012

Forever my Mummy

Love is in the air

Nothing is more soothing than a hug from a mum
Nothing is more contagious than encouraging words from a mum
Nothing is sweetter than a kiss on the cheek and forehead from a mum
Nothing is merrier than a laughter from a mum

Mum, you are my everything
You live in every single strand of my life
You are the reason why I keep holding on
You are the light that drives me through the darkness and downturn in life

Mum, nothing is comparable to your love and compassion
Not even money could repay your sincerity in showering love to me
Not much that I can do other than doing my best in everything I venture

As I am studying because of Allah,
I want to study hard because of you too.
I want to make you feel proud and happy
I am keen to hear you say,
"That's my soon, and he's now a teacher"

To be the reason and factor behind all your smiles is the best thing ever happened to me in my life.
To be in your arms is the most secured place I have ever been.
Your cooks are the scrumptious food I have ever tasted.
The moments with you are the moment that I cherish the most in my entire life.

Thank you Allah for giving me the greatest gift ever, my mum.
I love you so much...and nothing can deviate our love.
May your life will so full of love and blessing.

Thank you Mum!

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