Friday, 26 April 2013

Not Knowing

Sometimes curiosity kills the cat.

Not knowing isn’t a problem. Not asking is. Why we no ask when we have doubts in almost everything?

Fear that all eyes are onto you like you are piercing something not on your face? Screw them all. Fear that everyone would label you stupid that you rather settle being nothing and sitting there quietly in a corner…keep the questions to yourself…keep them lingering and mingling in the back of your mind…let them remain unanswered and unsolved…gain nothing but piling up doubts after another like setting up Jenga. Worst is staying stuck forever. Come has got to learn to move from that fear and stereotype. When you asked, be it simple or difficult question, you are actually helping those who don’t have the gut to face their limitation. Your action is a good deed, in fact. Don’t you want to get rewards (pahala) in the easiest way forever? The wind of change starts with you. Think about it…deep in thought.

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