Sunday, 28 April 2013

Queen of My Heart

Every time I go home for a break or holiday...the first thing I will do is to kiss her hands, her booth cheeks, and her forehead, and the grand finale is to hug her tight. In a washes away all the worries and anxieties I have. What a bliss! And today is the special day of my first lady. The queen of my heart, my mum.

I know since I left home for college, we rarely talk like we used to and I regret it. Even though we are miles away from each other...i'll always make sure that you and dad are always in my prayer forever. You own my heart beside Allah s.w.t 

Nothing much to say because words can't really describe how much grateful I am to have such a great mum like you. You have done such a good job all these years. You did well in growing us up and I can never thank you enough. Love you till bits. 

May Allah bellow upon you good health, many more grandchildren, sustenance and wonderful life ahead. Aminn. :'D

My Mum
My pillar of strength
My beacon of hope
My superwoman
My forever teacher
My motivator
My bestfriend
My girlfriend
My gossip partner
My shopping partner
Superfluous to say
You're my everything

My forever love :D

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