Friday, 28 June 2013


#June,28th 2010

27 misfits

Thanks Sammy

2 celebrations at the same time

Time saunters by pretty fast. Heck yeah...galloping away to the tick of time...3 years seem like yesterday. Can you believe it? I possibly cannot. Lest we may forget...on this very date...we first met back in 2010. Back then we are so naive and gullible. Over the years, we have taken our baby steps or quantum leap to grow and mature bit by bit. Our youthful vigor and teenage adrenaline are at their best to try almost everything college life has to offer. Such amazing 3 years, we have has been a crazy ride, yet splendid. And we are together through thick and thin, still. Though years may have worn us...but never will everything that is thrown at us get us weary and teary. Instead...we grow even stronger than before. A long journey ahead of us...keep on walking despite rain, storm, and shenanigans.

All that laugh
All that smiles
All that bickerings
All that tears
All that we have shared
Will forever be there
Etched in the back of our minds
As memories to be cherished
For the rest of our lives
Stay young, nimble and spry! :D

#heart TESL D

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