Friday, 7 June 2013


Books are the bees which carry quickening pollen from one to another mind. What about Al Quran? Undoubtedly, it is unmatched with any other books in this entire world. The whole content of it is true, authentic...telling the truth, nothing but the truth. Only truth, it tells and teaches. Whatever it says, everything is deep in meaning and something for us ponder about and to reflect upon. Al Quran and its message are delving on many topics and are beyond compared. There is nothing but Al Quran, the holy book, the only scripture that we should believe is no way fictitious or made-up as it never fails to provide us with constant guidance we need...supplement us with the knowledge we want to know...tell us boundaries we must not infringe. The entire book itself gives a surge of serenity and calmness to those who read it wholeheartedly. So lucky those who can recite Al Quran eloquently. Hence possibly read while you can, never too late to learn how to read and recite Al Quran. Imagine...a word, a reward, what else we want? Riddle me this then...if we could stand for hours just to finish a novel, why can't we do the same to Al Quran, dedicating and sparing some of our quality time just for Al Quran? And meant to ask (a reminder to self, as well), how many of us (including me) have read the Quran from cover to cover? Remember, a word of sage advice is way better than a gibberish talk of nonsense. 

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