Thursday, 11 July 2013


Yeah, you're right after all. This might be the crappy blog that I can write nonsensical things in my pajamas. I know. Nothing here is worth to be read. Nothing here is worth to be shared. Nothing here is worth to be enjoyed. Yet everything here is a memory worth to be cherished. It is the only thing that I could count on to remind me how much have I gone through over the years - the smiles, the giggles, the pain, the tears...

But it's okay. I like writing and documenting my every thoughts here because it gives me a surge of relief to be able to let it out loud. You know, it takes real courage to immortalize every single details into words. This is they way I roll. I'm gonna keep my fingers dancing on the keyboard and nothing could stop me from verbalizing every thoughts that fleet through my mind, not even you.  

Have faith in people and embrace their uniqueness. Surely you will be surprised. :)

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