Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ramadhan 1434H

As Salam

Believe it or not...Ramadhan is here, bidding us hello. Alhamdulillah for He has bestowed upon us the chance to savour another Ramadhan in our lives. Make the most of this Ramadhan to the fullest like it is our last for such a colossal waste if we let this golden and once-a-year opportunity slip through fingers.

Envy at those who have finally found their turning points. What about us? Are we there yet? Will Ramadhan change us and eradicate the other side of us that we abhor most...the side which always sees bad in other people? Seize this moment and make a move that turns us a better person, in sha Allah.

May Allah's blessings be with us ahead. :D

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