Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Am I weird?

Because being normal is plain boring

Am I weird?

Weird in the sense that my knowledge on certain discourse that guys are well known of is below the average guy would have, like anything about cars and football. Let's just say it's near zero. To have more friends of opposite gender than my own gender and feel more comfortable with them. And boy, they even know whom I am having a major crush on. Just a crush.  

To prefer talking about places I would love to travel than anything related to footballs and stuffs because I just love the breath of fresh air at a new place. To rather bury my nose in books, one after another than going outside in the field playing sports - having my skin kissed by the sun. But that doesn't mean I'm not an outdoorsy type of person for I love walking on beach watching the sunset and letting the wave hit my feet, and strolling in a park watching people pass by and lush trees and colourful flower bring tranquility to the heart, eyes, and mind.

I might be the strangest kid around the block, yet it is because I am embracing who I am - the nature that Allah has made me and accepting myself for I have all the freedom in this world to do whatever that suits my interest so long as it aligns with the religion I believe in. So guys or gals, don't be afraid to wear who you are and to be weird just the way you are because no one else can love ourselves the most, but we are. 

Aren't we always looking for something different? :)


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Khairy Khasimi said...

it's not weird at all. it's about just being yourself. if somebody judge you for being yourself, he/she is the weird one. haha