Sunday, 9 March 2014

No eternal spring

Life does not spring eternally when the flower are blossoming to the full colourful bloom. Sometimes it dries up and wilts during summer days. Sometimes it drops its petal and leaves during autumn. And sometimes it is covered by snow during winter. But then again, it never fails to find light and blossom again during spring.

The key is to persevere and I must be persistent.

Life is an adventure with constant struggle worth investing. And my current struggle is burning out my head throughout meeting the deadlines of a mountain of works. But sad enough, the more I spend time on it, the less idea I could glean and cudgel from the brain of mine. Not that I'm totally burnt out, but I just run out of ideas. Or I have yet to feel the heat and get freshened up from the brand new semester. 

What has gone wrong? I have tried my very best to kick away the lethargy that mutates inside. Certainly I must do better than just trying. The thing about me struggling with my studies somewhat deciphers my hiatus from this site, for I realize, little did I write stuffs like I used to do, which is good to allow more time for me to do self-reflection. Even if I do, it would some snatches on either facebook or twitter. 

The pressure is intense, yet a little less as compared to my friends who struggle with their final year thesis. I must keep holding on and fighting. Come hell or high water, I shall survive. *Fighting

don't you just love cherry blossom during spring?

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