Sunday, 22 May 2011

Random post

Sorry, I had been abandoning my blog for quite some time.

As I was carried away by assignments and projects, I could not spare some time to hit the keyboard and start blogging. What a lame reason anyway!

But nevertheless, I finally managed to clear off the assignments that had been piling up to a mountain yesterday. Here, I wished to pronounce that I was free from assignments now! The coursework mood was deactivated by yesterday. I had got nothing to do other than counting the days to go home. The semester break was just around the corner. Mean to say, I was coming to the end of semester two. What a tiring-yet-enjoyable semester I had ever had! Ending of semester two opened me up to the new beginning of semester three. I told myself that I had to double or triple my effort and work for the next semester as I would be facing my final exam of foundation years. I was quite nervous to say the least. If I passed this test (Insyallah), I would be pursuing my studies in B.Ed TESL, but what if I f**l (Nauzubillah)? What was I going to do? What was to be done? Enough! Think positive, ash...this was not you! You can do it, do the best, try the best, be the best and leave the rest...Well said, I had to study hard and work hard, and leave it to HIM to decide as I had done my part and tried my best.

Whatever it was, wish me the best of luck!

P/S: Besut, here I come!  

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