Saturday, 7 May 2011

Unconditional forgive

Sorry seems to be the hardest word to say. Do we still remember this lyric? Good. So, do you guys agree with what the line says? Well done. I have to admit the fact that as human we are naturally made to hardly mutter the word “sorry”. Just because we never realise our mistakes, so we try to believe that we have never done or committed any disgrace to anybody. Oh darn. As human, we are unable to trace our own ignorance and wrongdoing. That is why we need others to advice us and warn us for whatever things we have done. As always, the reason is that other people can see clearly other people mistake, flaw and wrongdoing. If I were to list out other people mistake, I bet you that I may need tons of jotters. But, I will never do that because I know who I am to judge. I am not good at judgemental. Yet, that doesn’t mean we cannot correct other people mistake. Somehow, to correct other people mistake is to know our mistake either. So, I really like the way people correct others mistake with gracefulness and politeness. Isn't that awesome!

Sorry everyone for every mistake that I have done...I’m just a normal human who is full of flaw.

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