Wednesday, 28 September 2011

And she walks down the aisle

Who was getting married? Was it me? Ha-ha. Hell no. I was still young yet I would find myself settling down a family if I was back in 70s. Would that not mean too early? Indeed. But that time, development of maturity is apparently faster than the shift of age. What am I rambling?

Obviously, it was not me who was getting married but it was my sister! At the age of 2+, she managed to find her other half and soul mate. Some of us might wonder, wasn’t it too late for her? As for me, it was not. Come on, you are in millennium era. At this time, you are considered as conservative for getting married at early age simply because you have life to live on, you have ambition to chase, and the list goes on. These would be your priorities over the need of getting married.  Whatever it is, my sister gets married to whom she loves the most after her family. (I guess). He is definitely lucky for getting my sister, I reckon. What fated above couldn’t be defied. He has been chosen to be my sister’s companion for the rest of their lives. Amin. By right, they are complementing and completing each other. Amin. Seriously, it is not easy for one to get married. You don’t know who will be your mate. You don’t know when the time you will say, “There you’re . I have been looking for you like forever. And you are the one for me.” Because, getting married is about conjuring up to someone which means you are dependent to that person and marriage is about once in a lifetime and eternal. I guess I have enough with marriage talk. Wishing my sister congratulation and all the best!

May you both be in each other presence forever!

May He bellow upon you both his blessing, sustenance, and love!

Wherever there’s love, there will be wealth and success. :D

Enjoice the pics!

p/s: Mom and Dad, I swear to god that I would not get married until I have a Master's degree. No Master, No Marriage. *Gotta hit the book, will be having grammar quiz tomorrow.


SSfatihah said...

no Mrs....he3...thanks so much luvly brother...lobe u & abah too.

Ash Muhamad said...

Ur welcome...I'll always got your back sis! :D