Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Raya story.

So long no story, right? You may wonder where I have been and what I have been doing. The truth is, i’m a live and kicking! It is the fact that I miss my blog so much, but I have to concede the clincher that I lost my spirit to hit the keyboard. Tons of works have carried away my passion to write, I guess. What a lame excuse, anyway! Enough excuse, the reason I blog today to prove that I am fine and in the very pink of health. No naughty thoughts!

Much rambling, let me tell you what I want to blog today. I wish to write something about my Raya break with my family. I know it was a two weeks from now, but still, I want to write about it no matter what. I think that this is too late, but it is not. Remember, Syawal is a month, isn’t it?  For me, this year Eid was indeed an epic! I had an immense thrill of fun. I had a whale of time with my family. It was rare for us to be together at the same time because we all had our own commitment unless it is family vacation. So, this year, everyone got to be together. We talked like we hadn’t met for ages, I reckoned. It felt good sometimes to know other’s people life updates; what’s happening to them and what they had been doing. I caught myself watching them eating, talking, sitting and the list goes on simply because I am going to miss them darn much when I am away for my study. If I were to have a remote control of life, I wish I could pause the moment that we had that was like forever. Nevertheless, I got the chance to babysit my nephews, not really a babysitting but more of having fun with them. I admit the fact that they really made my every day cheerful. Well, what’s more, like previous Eid, we went to almost every relative’s houses. A normal appendage, it was.

I guess that’s all from me. :D

Enjoice the pics!
What am I trying to do? A peace, I guess but failed! My sis, my cheeky nieces, and me.

One happy family. Sad that I was not in the picture because I am the one who snap this pic. :(



NAMPAK KEMELAYUANNYA DISITU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! banyak awex kirim salam satu~ nak org terengganu jugak tau... kuala terengganu lagi suka~~~

Ash Muhamad said...

no problem!