Sunday, 2 September 2012

Of Ketupat and Rendang

it's never too late to wish every muslim of the world, salam eidulfitri. 
after a month of restraining ourselves from eating and drinking, we are now free to celebrate the victory upon our winning in the jihad against nafs.
and now syawal is back, all we could do is to get ourselves ready because we are now entering the hunger game against the devil.

it's almost two weeks from now that syawal start sailing. 
with all the scrumptious delicacies, one could not resist to stuff his tummy fat including me.
i believe i have gained some kilos, but never have the gut to really stand on the balance.

the only dish that could excite me to run through the kitchen more than twice
this syawal, my parents couldnt be any happier as everyone is coming home, twice in a row in fact.
the house is full. it is filled with tender, love and care. 
everyone gets to be together again this time. at times, you could hear laughter and crying echoing in synchronize at the same moment.
it's so lovely that everyone gets to salam each other and ask for forgiveness on the first syawal, while giving away duit raya.

Say Cheese! Picture time.
between entertaining my nieces and nephew, and preparing for syawal, my plate is full.
i get my both hands at most of the things. 
no speacial occasion is happening this syawal.
none of my family member is walking down the aisle this syawal. 
unlike last year, we were busy preparing for my sister's solemnization on the third syawal of last year.
and now she's expecting her first child. 

a normal tradition is visiting relatives on the first syawal. 
from house to house, we went to visit and bid our greeting.
we have some chat and get each other updated with our lives.
such a simple occasion to fortify the bond between us that has been built for so long.

that would be enough for today. 
Salam Lebaran
Maaf Zahir and Batin

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