Friday, 7 September 2012

Together Still

Us, 7 years ago. Still have this picture in check.

It takes me some times to write this without falling apart. Sometimes, things are better left unwritten or unspoken so that the sweetness of it shall not fade.

Went through speedcity with them

Little bundle of joy is I could name the last meeting of ours. We have an immense thrill of fun, especially the talking part. We keep sharing our story, just to let everyone knows that we are doing fine in our lives. We laughed like no one is around and only us there.

Ama's House

Little did I know, that pure and unadultered moment is like snow flakes in a cup. The world gets better when you guys are around. Actually, the world is better. I have no worry of becoming myself.

The three musketeers

Whenever we make joke, no one is excluded from laughing out loud. It is like confettis coming out of a pom-pom. The time just slicks by without us realizing its pace. Every second seems to be momentous to let it slips through our fingers.

Cam-retard. Ha-Ha

They are just the same person I met seven years ago. Their madness and charm never cease. However, behind all those craziness, there shines virtue and intelligence - how I admire them in a way. So long we have each other and Allah as our guide, InsyAllah we will always be on right path.

Lunch with the teechs

Recent news is Syahir done with his eyes operation.  Couldn't help but to feel sorry about his eyes problem. Now, he's recuperating well at home. InsyAllah, your eyes will be fine again one day.

Us, now. Grown up a little bit. Glad to witness all of us mature as women and men. (3 missing-in-action)

Looking forward for the next gathering that would happen in the next summer holiday which means a year to go. As for now, I pray that His blessing is always you. I pray that you succeed in every road you roam. I pray that He lets our faith stand straight so that we won't go astray. 

From Italy and Japan with love. Wait for the love from Perth. Ha-ha

You will be right, you will be okay.
Allah is with you, you won't go astray.

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