Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Whats up?

Life so far couldn't be any better.

You know the feeling;

When you are finally free from any relationship with assingments?

When your hips are no longer attached to your very own table?

The sad-yet-glorious moment when u finally say good-bye to A4 papers, microsoft word, staying up late and all those coffees that keep you company just because you want to finish the last line of thousands words essay as its due is the next morning?

Heaven much? 

Yes. It means world to me.


When you are all set to throw yourself a party to celebrate this victory of yours, you are disheartened by the fact that you still have two more mountains to be undertaken.

Shame on me.

This happy feeling is just ephemeral.

UAK and Final Exam are yet to come.

Instead of wasting time, I must get my ass up to study and get my focus laid on the upcoming tests.

*Just a short notice to make sure that everyone knows I'm doing fine with my life, especially my study. The road gets bumpy? Indeed. When the things we plan go haywire, the depth comes in and makes my life more interesting.