Saturday, 22 February 2014

Why so serious

Not to be left behind, pray more

Failed miserably in living up to the expectations set.

I know I have not written much lately despite the fact that I have promised myself to write real a lot just to keep my thoughts flowing. I did try to scribble something just satisfy my ultimate orgasm of writing, but words seem to fall on the floor. Kinda stuck, and lost in the persecution of hypocrisy figuring out the reasons behind all this cause.

I have tried to pent up something that will not make me look like a complete hypocrite and loser. I guess, in writing I'm just as good as nobody. Ironic in the sense that my words speak a little more than a fraud of my own eccentric train of thought and couple that to the fact that nobody really cares about stuff I write. Lamenting for no apparent reasons doesn't keep the work going. So should the need arise for me to stop whatever angst young adult drama here. Yup. 


School placement for my very first practicum is finally out and no longer a surprise floating in the air of confusion and anxiety. Considered lucky to be posted to that school which I'm not going to reveal until then, with my crime partner, Faiz. So happened that we are the only couple to be posted there, neither senior nor other courses counterpart from the batch of mine. So much so, so long as we have each other, come hell or high water, we shall survive (with Allah's will).

Pretty funny to think that how we anxiously waited for the list to come out for months. When it is finally here, we feel a weigh is being lifted off our shoulder. I try to make a joke out of it, "guess the school we are going to never exists in our radar until we are posted there". No hard feeling. Rest assured, nevertheless, looking very most forward to bring my genie energy to that school and see what this school has to offer to paint more colours in my life.

*hate that my weekends are ripped from my right.  

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