Friday, 20 August 2010

home..home..and home..the only thing that i could think in every moment is home

as i was so tired lately with my study, i could not help but think of going home~!, the safest place that i had ever known. in the back of my mind, i kept thinking of the coziness of my bed, affectionate of my cushion and absolutely my mum's mouth-watering dishes, her cooks were the best ever in the whole-wide world. i am no a homesick-man by any means, but i had to wonder what was the thing that could let off my steams and get off something out and away from my chest..

urghh..forget that one! what in the world was i supposed to be a baby again! but, truth be told, i really missed my parents and certainly my matter what people said, all i wanted to voice out was that i really and indeed missed my home. upon studying here in Perlis, i wandered why did i was being alocated far up to the north of malaysia, was i had done something illegal and over the regulations before?? was i am 'lucky' enough to be stranded and stucked in this lonely hot planet?? i did not know the answer, and perhaps you people knew better than i was.

with a strange combination of imagination plus loneliness, i could feel the essence and sense of comfortableness and tranquility of my home. there, i could imagine and dream that my body was freely laying up on the comfortable puffy fur cushion and sitting all alone in front of the tv in a living room and watching a not too big tv of it without being bounded to any rules and throatly-strict rules. by this time, i was more than comfortable and truly feeling as if i could feel an immense thrill of serenity was flowing through my vein. during this time, i began to wonder of going home, the safest and 100% placid fortress that i ever built and belonged to. wake up, man!! dream is only a dream..the cloud of dream hit me again, that was not the least bit of missing home,every night and perhaps every moment, mind and thought would linger around to think of going home and pray that i will always be at home..

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