Saturday, 28 August 2010

feel kinda of......only god knows how it feels like..

hye, and salam people..
how's it going you people??
fine?? great~!!
ermm, i feel wanna blog in bm this time, but, there always will be something stopping me from doing so.
as you people know, i'm taking TESL, so what are the uses of taking TESL if i'm not put an effort to practice the english language in reality world, oopps, to be more exact, i mean in virtual-reality world.
but then, i'm still a malay, TESL isn't going to change me to Mat Saleh, never and ever,
because i do believe in one thing, once you are malay, you are gonna be malay forever..(cheewah, feel like Hang Tuah you know)
ermm, boredom overwhelmes me..hit me like the clouds in the sky..:(
i'm doing nothing during these 3-days weekend holiday, i mean weekend+nuzul quran..
but, still, there would be nothing interesting that you discover here in perlis, i guess other than, strolling around kayangan square..hahahah..believe me, perlis, yes so harmony and peaceful, though, it's too "up-to-date" state ever..
and no wonder most of my classmate never put of an expectation to get into perlis..lox..
still wondering what to write..ideas please!!
yeah, semester break is just around the corner..(euphoric mood)
cannot wait anymore to be at home..hahhaa..(*homesick*)
but, still, courseworks, courseworks and courseworks cascade from the each academic department waterfall..
so beautiful but, yet too stressful~!!!! urghhhhhhh
my gang and i will try our best to kick them off as fast as possible~!! chaiyook~!!
ermm, stucked for words and ideas, i guess i'll stop here at this moment..
till next time people..wassalam..

p.s. aiyoyoyo..omigosh..i haven't bought baju raya yet, the most vital vitamin for my raya..hahaha..chill, it isn't late yet for eleventh-hours-shopping..lolx..

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