Thursday, 26 August 2010

hoo-ray~!! yahoo~!!

salam, people..

august, the hectic month ever for me,
assignment come without warning and unstoppable..
chill, it is just an ordinary norm of a higher level learning institution..

okay,unbeknownst to me, hoo-ray,yes indeed i'm gusto~!! there was only 1 more week to go before semester break, in conjunction with hari raya break. guess what?? my heart was yearning and flattering as if i got 4-flat for my gpa!(amin)

i knew that no matter how excited and exasperated i was to go home, still, there were dozens of works had to be settled down before their due as if it mounted up until the an everest out of itself! lolx...;)

pretty much, they never stop me to exhilarate myself for the going-home countdown. it so happened that i was so excited and perhaps too euphoric and keen to go home. :(

aside from going home, there was 1 thing that kept me remembered of home, my loving parents and family..yes, seeing their faces was like a greatest resentment ever to my heart as if it could bring me into an unknown world where only happiness and joyous were there.

ma & abah; you are my soul, my heart and my zest of life. there was no way that could separate us away. not only did i missed them so much, they also longed to see me from eyes-to-eyes.

being at home, was considered nothing less than amazing~!! none of us could tell how was it feel like and intrigued, it could not be resembled by words...

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