Thursday, 23 September 2010 between..

as i was here in ippp for already 4 months, i could not help but had to get focussed on my study for the sake of my preparation year and as well as TESL.

in the back of my mind, i kept thinking of turning my life clock against it's normal norm, which was i believed impossible.

and wishing well upon every stars on the pitch black night sky that somehow i could make a U-turn in my life and somehow deciding to take law as my field of expertise instead of TESL, which was i believed totally inconceivable.

i was neither regretted nor frustrated by any means, but had to wonder what did cause me to feel everything in between.

uh, forget that one!

no matter what happened, all i need to do is striving the best as i can do and trying to get over all negatives feeling, while staying riveted on my study to achieve
SIJIL ANUGERAH PENGARAH...i really wanted it to be mine somehow in the future.

and last, praying well i could be the best among the best.

stay focalized, stay ahead.

p.s. am looking forward for the end year break, can't wait anymore..

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