Sunday, 26 September 2010

writing strategy 1

hye and salam people..
i have been asked by so many people on how to write well in english.
and actually, to tell you people the truth, i'm still in the process of learning.
so, hereby, i will give some strategies which i found very good to improve our writing in english.
we shall start this first lesson with the topic
I Don’t Know What
to Write About

It’s the worst feeling in the world. You know you’re supposed to be writing;
your teacher just told you to get started. But where do you start?
Finding a good topic is one of the hardest parts of learning to write. And, unfortunately,
every writer runs into it right at the beginning. Even if you do come
up with a good topic for today, what about tomorrow? And the next day? And the
next? Are you going to have to struggle like this every time a teacher asks you to
No matter how many times you’ve come up with good topics before, you end
up with the very same problem the next time you start a piece. And that’s why
you need strategies that will always give you many good topics to choose from.
One approach that seems to work well for many writers is the Topic T-Chart
strategy. The idea is to make two lists at the same time based on opposites. Here
are some examples that will help you find something good to write about:
• Like-Hate. Things you like and things you hate.
• Typical-Unusual. Typical experiences that happen almost every day
and unusual experiences that have happened only once or twice in
your entire life.
• Fun-Have To. Things you do for fun and things you do because you
have to.
• Regret-Proud Of. Things you regret and things you are
proud of.
You can use these lists over and over. (You can even use them in different
classes and in different grades!) Try a couple of the ones suggested here or make
up your own. In just a few minutes, you’ll have enough topics to last a whole

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